If you’re a parent or you’re even aware of a 2 year old in your neighbourhood, you must be well acquainted with the responsibilities that come with. Pihu, a film by Roy Kapur, focuses solely on what a 2-year-old, with no supervision, would do when is home alone, questioning her survival.

The trailer shows the dark side of our own homes, as opposed to that of leaving a child unattended on the streets. Shows us Pihu crying and calling out to an unmoving body of her mother and finding her way around the house in the most dangerous ways. Leaving the heater on, operating the microwave, using the stove and at one point, getting stuck in the refrigerator. While trying to break out ends up meddling with everything in the house, just how a 2-year-old would. A pure case of increasing anxiety as the child inches towards higher levels of dangers. Finally ending the trailer with Pihu, hanging off the balcony railing trying to reach out to her doll.

It uses mediocre font to express the introduction of the film, but the shots and the score used are extensively intense and gripping. It seems like a one-room film, where the plot is focused in only one setting, that is Pihu’s home with one sole objective, Pihu’s survival.

Directed by Vinod Kapri with Pihu Myra Vishwakarma as Pihu and Prerna Vishwakarma. One of the highly awaited films of 2018. Can’t wait!

Watch the trailer here –



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