How did Sacred Games come to be? How did three writers take a 1000-page book and turn into 8 episodes of a gripping thriller? How does Vikramaditya Motwane juggle between being a producer, writer, director and editor? How does Varun Grover switch between being a lyricist, a comedian and a scriptwriter? What do the two like to read, watch? 

This and much, much more was discussed at the ‘Chapter Two’ of Filmi Keeda, where we spent over two hours talking about storytelling, themediums, art and craft and everything. It was simply the best experience to hear them reveal secrets and candidly talk about their journeys with films and books. The discussion was followed by Q&A, where readers and cinephiles brought their own insights to the fore and picked the brains of our two guests! 

There were moments of angst, thought and above everything, uproarious laughter! Thank you Varun and Vikram, for an amazing evening. Thank you to the audience for simply being the best. We cannot wait for our next chapter!

Pictures from the evening. Enjoy!


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