Ever since the Internet was created in 1983, the world has been connected on a single platform. The internet has given several companies the foundation to create a service for its users. One of these services being online streaming platforms. These are the ones that let you watch series or films right on your desktop or your smartphones.

Growing further into the 2000s and 2010s, we now completely rely on high-speed networks for our instant news, social affairs and all other content. When, once the newspaper or the radio seemed enough, the luxury of updating ourselves to each minute has taken over us and we cannot seem to think of a life without the online world.

Similarly, when television sets and their coinciding set top boxes did enough for us in providing varied amount of entertainment, the internet paved the way for streaming platforms for all our needs of entertainment.

Services like these are provided by Youtube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Voot, Hotstar, DailyMotion etc.
The rise of these companies has seen a hike since 2010. Every other person who prefers watching a film at home has turned to these and do not plan on switching anytime soon.

Online streaming websites have began a hype around the concept of binge watching, with web series. Instead of watching an episode per day, the old fashioned way, we now prefer to watch most or all of the show in a single sitting. It is something that everyone has involved themselves into, I myself am a guilty victim of it.

As a generation who now relies on portability and ease of access, the internet has catered to everything we would require. It not only streams, for you, the shows and movies that already exist on the television network but also has created its own universe of content.

This caters to concepts like Netflix Originals or Amazon Prime’s Productions, who have their own curated content. We believe that the audience is inclined towards the usage of online streaming applications as compared to that of traditional television for reasons that include:

1. Portability
2. Feasibility
3. Ease of access, anywhere/anytime
4. Popularity among the masses
5. Variety

The viewers seem to get smarter in their ways of living a comfortable lifestyle. So when one sits in front of a television flicking through the channels, hoping a movie or a show comes on that fits their mood as compared to logging into a Netflix and exploring a variety of options that are ready to be watched any time you’d want, we assume they would pick the latter.

The evolution of technology has forever put us in debt to science and the art factor that gets portrayed is a whole other aspect that it lives up to. The internet works its magic as usual and charms us every single day.

Thanks to the streaming platforms without whom none of us would have the fodder to feed on!


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