Our fascination with the new techniques of marketing just doesn’t get exhausted. 2019 has been showered with teasers and trailers that have left us spellbound but only recently did we come across a promotional activity done by the makers of Sonchirya, set to release on 1st of March, not only showcasing the film in under a few minutes but also quite literally inviting you to be a part of it.

RSVP worked a way around and used social media as a platform to promote a bunch of one-minute videos involving the main cast of the film. Ranvir Shorey, Bhumi Pednekar and Sushant Singh Rajput, all have their individual videos where they talk to you about Chambal and how it is a destination that you should not miss out on!

Bhumi’s video begins with her explaining what a great holiday destination Chambal really is. Surrounded by water and filled with mountains, there’s a lot of activities to do. While speaking, she ends up getting kept at gunpoint at which point of time she makes a joke about gifting this holiday trip to someone special, much like your mother-in-law. This joke, involved with the gun, shows how risky Chambal is to be at and how death is a game played by everyone in the village.

Next is Ranvir Shorey’s video who manages to ask you to visit Chambal with your family but maybe not your wives, kids or even your senior citizen parents for the sole reason that no one would leave alive. Sushant Singh Rajput also showcases his perspective of the village which is basically just a whole minute of sarcasm about the smell of dead bodies, the sweet language of swearing and the constant silence of gunshots.

All of them invite you to visit their village, until their last video where all three of them visit the local hotel of Chambal only to see it deserted. This is when they direct you, as the audience, not to Chambal but to the theatres where they will bring the horrifying village right to you.

This is a great concept that the entire team has worked with. It is a mixture of thrill as well as suspense as to why exactly is this village so violent and even if it is, how does one survive? They somehow took up the worst possible holiday spot in the world, labelled their videos as a tourism ad and managed to show us exactly why it wouldn’t be a place you’d want to visit but would want to be a part of for a few hours in the day at a theatre.

They spun out something completely entertaining out of something so negative that you almost forget about the fact that you’d never go to such a place but it gets you thinking about it’s backgrounds and how the characters have normalised their lives to this. What comes out of this is an excellent marketing technique.

You show the viewers what you have, you create their desire for it and it’s sold! What RSVP did with Sonchiriya is that they gave you the product, they created a desire for it, they then destroyed that desire and challenged you to come watch them with their inviting hashtag of #AakeTohDikhao, making you want to watch it even more.

Kudos from The Sparrow to RSVP and the entire team, here’s to hoping we get to witness and talk about many more such promotional endeavours in the coming year, but until now 2019 has started with the bang and it can’t get better than this!


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