Bollywood has never stood low when it comes to representing sports on the big-screen. As a population of over 1.3 billion who love sports, cricket being one of the religions we practically follow, it only makes sense that our film industry brings justice to this genre.

We see the rise of beauty in the genre of sports from movies like Lagaan and Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar, although these movies fall under a bigger umbrella in terms of genre, sports playing a major role in bringing the entire movie to life and giving us the perfect closure.

Moving onto the coming age, we started witnessing beautiful patriotic movies like Chak De! India, which not only portrayed our national game beautifully but also the power of Indian women coming together as a ‘single team’ against the world that wouldn’t believe in them. The chaos that ends with a sprinkle of victory.

Bollywood also does justice to Biographies of sportsmen from our country and narrate their stories to via the big-screen, getting us more involved and connected to them as ever. Movies like Mary Kom and MS Dhoni are the perfect examples and tribute to the people who have lived their life working hard and moving towards their goal, come what may. At the same time, inspiring the entire youth of the country to never give up and believe in their dreams.

Our list goes on with Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, Dangal, Sachin: A Billion Dreams, Iqbal and so on. It never stops. The love that sports has acquired from every Indian heart, is so that cannot be competed with. We, as Indians, no matter how clueless we are about Hockey or Cricket, always unite as one voice to support our players.

This genre, in Bollywood, often shows authenticity, as the people who work for these films make it work physically and mentally. For eg., we all know about the rigor that Aamir Khan went through for the transition of his body for Dangal or the training that Farhan Akhtar received for being Milkha Singh in Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, were beyond inspirational. This only proves how serious the industry is when it comes to making of a sport-oriented film.

The best part about them is that, the impact of these films is imitated in real lives. People have moved over their obsession with Cricket and have adapted Wrestling and Hockey with the respective films.

Films have been categorised as art that imitates life, and this stands extremely true for this particular genre in the industry. It is one that is respectfully made and perceived in the same way.

We, at The Red Sparrow, love and absolutely salute the effort that goes into the making of these films and the hard-work they put in for the end result to be as respectful and inspirational as be. Kudos!


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