So, a lot was being passed around about the upcoming movie Sui Dhaaga, starring Varun and Anushka, and amidst all this anticipation, both the actors dropped a video which increased the excitement of their fans even more.

3 days ago, a video was shared by YRF, where Varun and Anushka spoke about how with this film, they are planning to not take the traditional way of releasing a poster or a teaser or a song, but do something very different, which they actually did.

Just a day after this snippet, the team of Sui Dhaaga released a ‘Logo Reveal’ video. Wait, did I hear that right? A ‘Logo Reveal’ for a movie? This is definitely a least expected thing to do for a movie. A movie rarely (is it safe to say, never) talks about their logo, let alone the making of it.

In this video, the star-duo is talking about what went into making of the Sui Dhaaga logo. The team had a stencil which was delivered to various artists from all over the country, some of which were difficult to reach whereas some did not even understand what the word ‘logo’ meant. They were asked to explore it with their creativity and the best one would go on to be the official Sui Dhaaga logo.

Other than it being a very unique way of dropping in a movie, what is impressive, is the way it’s been made. Beautifully captured insights of the country, diverse cultures, beautiful places and everything that India is known for. Not too much YRF (or the movie) in your face, focusing on the rights things with just subtle hints of the flavour, making it the perfect visual of its kind. It also steps on the premise where films are more than just entertainment and a go-to from your regular life, it implies that in today’s day and age, films are like brands within themselves and it’s important to have every element right in place.

We definitely did not see this coming. It’s amazing how the PR teams at the movies are taking up such unconventional ways. Where such ventures hold the risk of going completely bizarre, this one here has managed to get about the right amount of excitement and having people wonder – what’s next in store?

I do not want to be the one to tell you what comes out to be the final logo, because you should watch it for yourself to experience this new breeze of promotion and say, “What a genius idea it is! Or not?”

The Sparrow congratulates Varun, Anushka and everyone who worked towards bringing this idea to life and taking the leap of faith, while also setting a benchmark for the PR and Advertising world (at the movies) and telling everyone that it’s time we come out of our comfort zones and try new adventures! It will truly form a new wave and we are all here and rooting for it.

Watch the video here: and come back with your views on it, in the comment section below.


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