Love, marriage and relationships seem so ideal and sorted when we look from afar. But in reality, they are as complicated and tangled from the inside. Exploring something similar is what Raj Rachakonda’s directorial “8 A.M. Metro” is about, which released in the theatres this weekend.

The story revolves mainly around Iravati (Saiyami Kher) and Pritam (Gulshan Devaiah). Irawati, living a simple life in Maharashtra with her husband and children, is fond of writing. While fulfilling the responsibilities of the family, she steals some time for herself and gets lost in the world of her poetry, sipping her favourite filter coffee.

Meanwhile, Iravati’s sister who lives in Hyderabad calls Ira to look after her as she was pregnant. Ira, who is very scared of travelling by train alone due to her past experiences asks her husband to drop her but he couldn’t make time. She reaches Hyderabad alone and everyday she has to take tiffin for her sister to the hospital and the only option of travelling is metro.

Nervous, drenched in sweat and fighting her fears, Ira reaches the metro station where a stranger Pritam comes to her aid on her first 8 A.M. metro. Pritam, working as a bank manager, becomes Ira’s companion on this daily journey. Just like Ira, Pritam too is fond of books. The two share all their knowledge with each other. Pritam loves reading while Iravati loves writing. He listens to her poems. And with time, a bond begins to grow between them. Now, what turns this attachment and liking between Ira and Pritam takes is what the story ahead is all about!

Saiyami and Gulshan have done a mind blowing job in terms of acting. Gulshan has fit in the role of Pritam as man-next-door so perfectly that once you start watching the film there’s no Gulshan there anywhere. On the other hand, Saiyami too has played Iravati’s character very beautifully. She delivers some heart wrenching moments just through her eyes without even saying a word. Their effortless acting together makes it a wholesome watch. The metro is also like a special character in the film, but after a certain point you feel as if you’re overstuffed with the motifs for no real reason.

Rachakonda has tried to keep the film as rooted as possible, and has openly put the emotions of his characters in front of the audience. The film makes you feel a lot of emotions; there will be many such moments where you will be able to relate to yourself the dialogue and character juxtapositions which makes it all the more beautiful. It takes you on a journey and tries to make you understand some important life lessons. The film sheds light on issues such as anxiety, depression and panic attacks. In times like today where people find it hard to open up and share about their feelings, it makes us realise how this not only affects the individual but also their relationship with others. Iravati and Pritam’s bond gives you a new definition of friendship and how they help each other to overcome their past insecurities and fears will win your hearts for sure.

The cinematography and music of the film gives it a sense of lived in feeling. Despite being shot in a limited location, cinematographer Sunny Kurapati makes good use of Nanded and Hyderabad. The songs composed by Nirvan Atharya are ear-pleasing. You’ll not get addicted to them instantly but with time it will grow on you. One of the biggest highlights of the film is Gulzar Sahab’s poetry, which keeps on playing in the background making it such a warm experience overall. Everytime you see Saiyami’s Iravati reciting the poems you get totally lost in a different world never wanting to get out of it. That’s the magic of Gulzar Sahab’s words!

As Gulshan Devaiah said, “Perhaps it was a foolish decision to release this movie in the cinemas, but perhaps it’s courageous of the director”. It’s definitely not a movie for the audiences coming solely for entertainment purpose, but if you want to experience the beauty of what purely conversational films can do, “8 A.M. Metro” is the right watch for you! The film is currently running in theatres near you.


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