Sushmita Sen starrer ‘Aarya’ is back with its much awaited second season. With its first season Sushmita Sen made her comeback into the industry after a 10 year long gap, marking her debut in the OTT realm. Having met with sheer applause, both commercial and critical, the second installment had been awaited upon for quite some time.

‘Aarya’ is officially an adaptation of the Dutch series ‘Penoza’ which tells the story of a loving wife and mother, Aarya Sareen (Sushmita Sen), who’s forced to get into the trades of the underworld when her husband Tez Sareen (Chandrachur Singh) is killed. The eight episode long season picks up exactly from where it left off in the first season.

Aarya, who has been seeking refuge in Australia with her three kids after her husband’s death, has to come back to Rajasthan to testify against her brother Sangram (Ankur Bhatia) and father Zoravar Rathod (Jayat Kripalani) in relation to a drug case.

On the other hand there’s Udayveer Shekhawat (Akash Khurana) who wants to kill Aarya to avenge his son’s death who was an influential dealer whom Aarya got killed. And problems keep piling up as the Russian Mafia wants their stolen, 300 crores worth of drugs, back at any cost. As we see Aarya’s fight against all these odds to save her family, we also see her kids who are still struggling to get over their father’s death. Her daughter, Aaroo (Virti Vaghani), is depressed and going through suicidal thoughts every now and then whereas her youngest son Aditya (Pratyaksh Panwar) gets trautamised seeing his father’s murder and has to go through therapy. Veer (Viren Vazirani), her elder son, is the only one who’s a bit stable and is the only support system to his siblings and Aarya’s partner-in-crime.

In the first episode titled ‘Mujhe Yahan Se Bhagna Hai’ we see Aarya going for a run, which was an attempt to tell us that she’s moving away from her past and enemies. But ultimately, she realizes that running is no option and she has to face it all and fight to save herself and her family. This is followed by seven more episodes showing her struggle to protect herself and her three children from enemies and seeking revenge for her husband’s death with a lot of twists, turns and suspense that keeps you hooked till the last episode.

Rarely do we see shows in Indian Cinema where women are presented as the Queen of the underworld and this is where Aarya stands out. Sushmita Sen shines once again in the role of Aarya.

She gets into the skin of her character so well – be it emotional scenes or the funny ones, she nails all of it. Her transformation from a helpless mother to a fearless lioness is what makes the character so beautiful. Sikander Kher in the role of Daulat, a loyalist of Zoravar Rathod and Aarya’s well wisher is highly impressive. Vikas Kumar as ACP Khan, Sugandha Garg as Hina who’s pregnant with Sangram’s child and Maya Sarao as Maya were as good as before. Sohaila Kapur as Rajeshwari and Ankur Bhatia as Sangram definitely managed to leave a mark. All together a very impressive star cast who did justice to their roles, big or small.

The cinematography is a little disappointing as it fails to capture the royalty of Rajasthan whereas Vishal Khanna’s music is on point.

The old bollywood songs have been used perfectly in the series to give viewers a familiar vibe. All said and done, the final episode ends on a cliff hanger leaving us all curious and waiting for the next season.

Ram Madhvani’s directorial Aarya (Season 2) is now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.



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