The Marvel Cinematic Universe gets back after Avengers: Infinity War, which would seem like The Unbeatable Movie of 2018, with Ant-Man and The Wasp! Releasing a week later in India, this tiny superhero swept cinema goers off their feet with his capability of becoming a Gi-Ant. Scott Lang (Paul Rudd), the rightful successor of the Ant-Man suit is now a criminal after he violates his conduct in Germany when he was teaming up with Cap. Resulting into a quite hard time after the feats he got up to against Iron Man and his team, Scott gets pulled out by none other than Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) and Hope Van Dyne (Evangeline Lily) on their mission to find and save The Wasp (Michelle Pfeiffer) from the quantum realm.

The film plots around saving the Wasp, fighting off Ghost (Hannah John-Kamen) and saving their lives from being thrown into the jail. Alongside all this, being with the likes of Luis (Michael Pena) and his friends for the sake of their help was as stupid, yet entertaining, as it sounds! The complexities of Scott’s character shine out in this particular film as he finds himself being proud of the work he did in Germany yet being constantly showed how bad that decision really was which led to self doubt. Cassie, Lang’s daughter, plays a major role in shaping her father into the man that he is and thus is as important a character as a sidekick.

Directed by Peyton Reed, this is Marvel’s twentieth movie before they reach the end to the team of Avengers. Ant-Man as a superhero has not been as glorified as one would want because the powers that he possesses seem very little in front of the others, but not one of them has travelled to and from the nothingness of the quantum realm unlike Scott. The fascinating part of this movie is the fact that this is the first Marvel movie with a female superhero’s name in the title. It suggests how important The Wasp is and how her sacrifice meant a lot more than the entirety of Pym’s scientific work.

This movie, in my personal view, lost all it’s hype in the first few days itself and there is one major reason-the timeline of the movie is set before the Infinity War takes place but has been released after we know what Thanos dusts out. Infinity War set a hype among the fans who want to know more about what had happened and what would happen now. Ant-Man and The Wasp does not live up to that hype, although if it was released before Infinity War, it would have been a definite hit.

The direction that runs through this film is one that is very similar to Marvel’s entire style thus leaving no suspense to the audience on how it would uncover. Although there are certain aspects of it that make this movie a one-time-watch at the least:

  • Action: A series of scenes spilled over getting the audience thrilled makes up for the other sections. The power-packed Paul Rudd is accompanied by his big partner who kicks down the antagonists in much style and the respectful Marvel Drama.
  • Engagement: Being a Marvel piece, it would have been incomplete without the likes of humour and as the chosen route for getting the viewers involved. And when the lead role is played by Paul Rudd, a natural at comedy. Him and Michael Pena take most of the credit for maintaining the timing that seeps into the movie.
  • Graphics: It would have taken a fair good amount of time for the Visual Team to figure how would Ant-Man go up to being 65 feet tall, using a van as a skateboard and towers an entire ship with his shadow. The Visual Graphics and Edit on this one is nothing less than a piece of art, everything looks so real that makes it extremely satisfying to watch.
  • Background Score: Any Superhero (Marvel) film is incomplete without the perfect Sound Design. They have always ruled with it and it’s clearly one of their strengths. Be it for an action sequence or anything else, they just know how to make it brilliant and make their viewers fall in love. Neither did this one step back in the zone and provided us with the best of Christophe Beck and his thrills for the movie.
  • Female Protagonist: As mentioned earlier, this is Marvel’s first film with the female superhero’s name in the title and they stand true to how she is portrayed. Unlike Wanda and Natasha, The Wasp has been given a position which does not depend on a man to be saved, instead she is the one who guides Scott through the dangers and out of it. Is it a step towards a better future in films for female protagonists?

I would describe it, more or less, as a filler movie, much like Thor: Ragnarok. It gives you the sufficient dose of Paul Rudd, the perfect amount of Marvel humour that you would look for, a stunning appearance by Stan Lee and the abundance of trust, love and friendship.

Get ready to be emotionally attached to each of the characters as you get to know more about them and dwell deeper into who they are. Action comes in all sizes for this movie, literally.

Onto the post credit scenes, Marvel’s speciality, this movie has one that is edge-of-the-seat-gripping. The Sparrow stands for a strict no-spoiler rule, hence I would encourage all of you to watch this film, judge for yourself what the post credit scene makes you feel and come back to the comments to let us know!

As a religious lover of Marvel and an unbiased team chooser for Captain America: Civil War (maybe a little more tipped towards Iron Man), I would rate this movie a wholesome 3.5 stars.

Although it is easy to find the details online and save yourself from watching it, if you consider yourself as someone who needs to follow the timeline until Infinity War Part 2, this movie is a must watch!


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