Arshad Warsi and Barun Sobti starrer web series Asur was released in the year 2020. From the beginning itself the show was well received by the audience and now after a wait of three long years it is back with its much awaited second season.

In the first season of Asur, the makers showcased Hindu Mythology against the backdrop of contemporary times. The intriguing story trapped between science, religion and crime was impressive enough to stay on everyone’s mind as the second season went into the works. Now the makers take it a step further with its second season.

The story begins from where the first season ended. At the end of Asur, the serial killer Shubh Joshi gets imprisoned. Back then he was a child but now he’s all grown up, filled with revenge in his heart and mind. In the first season we see how mercilessly Shubh Joshi kills his father and in the second season he has become even more dreadful. He executes each murder in such a way that no clues are left behind. He carries Indian mythology on his sleeve and proclaims that the world is nearing its end, it’s the time for Kalyug to reach its zenith.

On the other hand, Dhananjay Rajput (Arshad Warsi) and Nikhil Nair (Barun Sobti) have parted ways and that left a void of bitterness between them. Dhananjay, who’s suspended from his job, has reached an ashram in Dharamshala in search of peace and to deal with his past sufferings.

Nikhil, who saved the life of three social workers by sacrificing his own daughter, is now left alone and has distanced himself from everyone. His wife Naina too, has decided to divorce him and goes to Dhananjay to seek help from him to get her daughter’s killers punished.

Every character here in Asur 2 is surrounded by their own problems and is fighting a battle between their heart and mind. And the brilliance with which the actors have presented it on the screen, feels every ounce real. The pair of Arshad Warsi and Barun Sobti make a way into the audiences’ hearts once again. Barun Sobti as a father, who is defeated by life and still fighting against the enemy, makes the most of the opportunity and Arshad Warsi shows us many layers of Dhananjay, delivering an earnest performance. Riddhi Dogra’s Nusrat and Anupriya Goenka’s Naina are both commendable. Among the rest of the cast, the work of Vishesh Bansal and Atharva Vishwakarma is noteworthy.

There are lots of events going on in different places simultaneously and their coordination could have created confusion for the audiences, but the director Oni Sen has tackled this challenge perfectly. The technical team too, has a big contribution in making the story reach to the masses. In this story, moving from Delhi to Dharamshala, you come across amazing cinematography supported by equally amazing background music that maintains the atmosphere of the series and creates suspense and thrill at times.

Like the first season, the spice quotient of thrill and suspense is evident in the second season as well. The story of Asur 2 revolves around the moral and immoral values of human beings which is presented as a war between Kali and Kalki. This time the writers have threaded artificial intelligence too, making the story even more complex and engaging. The first season ended on a cliffhanger making the audience wonder who the real Asur is and how will CBI and forensic experts nab this demon. Now one expects there will be an answer to all these questions in the coming episodes.

Asur Season 2 is streaming on JioCinema. It consists of eight episodes in total and the makers are unveiling one episode everyday to keep the viewer’s curiosity at peak. The first season of Asur was released on OTT platform Voot, whereas season 2 has been released on JioCinema which you can watch for free.


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