How many parents reading this, call no shame in what their sex life is like even after they’ve had kids? How many kids reading this can openly accept that their parents are humans and have some needs that can be fulfilled only in the orthodox manner? That’s the message this film has taken up. To shun down the taunts and insults of the society we live in, and rejoice the aspect of love between two people, even if it’s parents of an older age.

The film begins with an introduction to all of our main characters. Nakul Kaushik (Ayushmann Khurrana) is a boy to belongs from a middle class family. His father is a railway ticket collector and mother, a housewife. It so happens that they’re still actively in love unlike what the society expects of them. After a little display of innocent romance, we are taken forward 19 weeks into their lives where Priyamvada (Neena Gupta) is sick and her husband, Jeetender (Gajraj Rao) finds out why. News breaks out, she is pregnant. To top it up they also have to deal with social embarrassment – friends, relatives, neighbors, everyone’s gaze is now turned towards the Kaushik household. They’re subjected to insults and jokes everywhere they go. Nakul’s girlfriend, Renee (Sanya Malhotra) seems to have accepted it but her mother doesn’t seem to grasp the fact that her daughter could marry into such a middle class family, being one from a high class family. This breaks apart the two, and Nakul who was being arrogant towards his parents for the deed they had committed, now realises that he is supposed to stand by them and not let the world insult them the way they want.

Throughout the film you see relationships breaking and bonding, in the most natural way. The comic timing is one thing great about the film. It is amazing to watch such an entertaining film made with a concept of normalising sex for parents.

A few things of the film that I enjoyed are –

Performances: The dialogue delivery and screen timing of the actors is credible. Ayushmann’s screen presence makes up for anything missing in the film. The casting was done perfectly and the synergy between the characters could not have been better.

Music: The background score and the soundtrack of the movie was wonderful. Half the punchlines were taken forward only because of the sound effects that pushed them towards the audience and it worked well.

The film was a simple explanation to the masses about normalising sex for anyone and everyone. It is a lovely message passed through and a feel-good film that can be watched anytime, anywhere and it guarantees to make you feel better.

I would give the film a 3.5 stars and hope for more of such concepts to be brought in as commercial feature films, making them more acceptable!


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