Having watched this movie last night, I can say with a lot of confidence that this a very terribly made movie, that has dialogues that are cheesy as hell, but you will have so much fun watching with your girlfriends. The new reboot of the franchise sort of picks up from where the previous movies left. But the key difference to me is that while the previous films were made for the male audience, with a male gaze, this movie seems to be completely catered to the women.

Don’t get me wrong, the camera focuses a lot on the incredibly beautiful women on screen, but it is similar to the manner in which the camera focuses on Gal Gadot in the Wonder Woman film. There is a clear difference when it is a woman behind the camera. But I genuinely don’t think that Elizabeth Banks is a great director. The dialogues sometimes make you cringe so much, some montages of ‘female empowerment’ look like they were put together by someone for a school presentation, the cinematography could have been a lot less patchy.

Everything in this movie, cinematically speaking, could have been done a lot better. The editing is choppy, the music is very random at times, and the camera doesn’t follow the action sequences very well. The movie moves across many countries but doesn’t stay for enough time in any place for the action to stay in your memory. Patrick Stewart is very unused in this film, the villain doesn’t speak a line. All the men who are antagonists are very one dimensional. You don’t expect consequences when you go to watch movies like these, you don’t expect to have a cathartic experience or so. But you still wish for more, in terms of plot and drama, something that would make you feel something.

That is what this movie misses most of all. It has three amazing women and also Elizabath Banks. The moments where female camaraderie happens are heartwarming and fun to watch. But you know that there could be so much more that this movie could have been. Going into this movie with zero expectations, I had some fun, I laughed, I cringed, I clapped and I left. It’s not a movie that you’ll remember post the theatre experience.

The best part of this movie are the three women. Naomi Scott is the earnest nerd, Ella Balinska is the tough one and Kristen Stewart is the goofy, quippy one. The bond that they eventually develop, their fights together and just the sheer fun of watching these women kick ass, is what makes this movie a widely entertaining film. It’s like one of those classic masala Bollywood type movies, minus all the problematic things that you usually have to turn a blind eye to. It is the politically correct, badass entertainment that will leave you giggling and cheering for the duration that you watch the film.

This movie is in no way cinematic brilliance. It is a movie that will be very much criticised for the plasticity of its plot and screenplay. But it’s just so much fun to spend 2 hours watching these incredible women, having so much fun on screen. I’m sure this movie will turn into one of those movies that you can always sit and watch when it plays on the television. It’s also a lot more comfortable to watch than the previous Charlie’s Angels films, considering how they haven’t aged too well. In a time when movies like Fast and Furious can have spin offs, the new Charlie’s Angels movies is that really stupid but fun action movie that you can definitely enjoy watching.


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