Every Princess fairytale begins with a girl who goes through the hardships of life before she can attain a life full of riches and comfort with her ever loving Prince. Not Princess Tiabeanie (Bean) though. Disenchantment is a show about a Princess from the kingdom of Dreamland who is sick and tired of the stereotypes of being a Princess. She, in fact, is an alcoholic who ends up drinking her nights away as she plots and plans her escapes from her father, King Zog. There’s Bean who wants to live a happy life filled with freedom and then there’s the elf, named Elfo (very conveniently) who lives in the land of Elf world where all the elves are happy and cheerful and convenient! He craves a life of misery and reality, unlike the place he lives in. He also plots to escape and get into the human world to experience sorrow. Of course, the plot so forms that Bean and Elfo end up bumping into each other and so their “misadventures” begin.

Along the storyline, we also get introduced to Luci. He is Bean’s personal demon. The parallel characterisation is so amazing because Bean is usually confused with what steps to take as a Princess. As much as she wants to escape the kingdom, she still loves her father very much and this is where Elfo and Luci step in. Luci constantly guides her to take the wrong path that would lead to disastrous consequences and Elfo always tries to speak up about taking the better path and making sure no one gets hurt, and of course Bean listens to Luci because that’s the one push that she’s needed to do whatever she has wanted to with her life. This also creates differences between Elfo and Luci as they’re always at each other’s throats but all of it is in a humorical sense. As a viewer, you know Elfo is right but you can’t help but choose Luci as you also want to see how things end up being with Bean’s sense of judgement.

The show has been created by the creators of The Simpsons and so the animation style is very similar, but it is a wonderful show with thought provoking messages. Believe it or not, it is a show filled with plot twists at the end. So far 20 episodes have been ordered by Netflix, but Season 1 has showcased only 10 and it ends on a major cliffhanger so there definitely will be a Season 2.

A few things that stand out for this show are:

  • Development: The show was set to be released for it’s first installment in this year itself. It was created by the creators of Futurama and The Simpsons, and thus it marks their trademark style. The show had on board, Adam Briggs, a rapper, as one of the writers of the show. The series is also described as the mixture of The Simpsons and Game of Thrones, since the characterisation is too similar to the world of The Simpsons and the graphic scenes and plotlines relating to kingdoms match the latter.
  • Script: Every character in the show has a certain sense of dialogue. Luci, the demon, has one of the best set of one liners I have ever witnessed. He is the most satirical character on the show who hardly cares about what happens to Bean but wants to stay till the end to watch it anyway. The script of the show is a lovely set of words strung together to portray the exact vibes of the setting and the era to the viewers.
  • Direction: Since the creator is Matt Groening, the direction is extremely similar to the previous works. It is a humour filled show with deep showcasing of the reality we live in. It is the truth in our faces with animation and hence we watch it with a light heart but we learn a lot.
  • Genre: It is an American Sitcom that follows the genre of comedy and satire. It follows it perfectly, it is not so much of humour as you would expect but there are bursts of jokes and situations that are effortlessly funny to the viewers. There are parallel character developments that follow and it is wonderful to watch them grow.

I would suggest everyone to watch Disenchantment as an escape from our worlds but it would definitely take you out on a journey of a miserable kingdom and the miserable life of a Princess and how her misadventures turn them around (in a good way).

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