Ayushmann’s battles as a guy in a world dominated by women. The title “Doctor G” plays on the Indian custom of calling a doctor as ‘Doctor-Ji’ while also referring to the gynecologist profession that the movie is about. The film is directed by Anubhuti Kashyap. The movie focuses on Dr. Uday Gupta who wants to pursue a career in orthopedics, but to his chagrin, he ends up being the lone man in the gynecology department of a Bhopal medical college. He begins, but soon finds himself involved in a number of amusing occurrences. Will the experience make him a better doctor and a finer person – this medical college comedy’s central question.

The movie casts Shefali Shah, Sheeba Chaddha and Rakul Preet too as major characters. Priyam Saha, Ayesha Kaduskar & Indraneil Sengupta provide decent support, nothing more nothing less. One of the characters that doesn’t really feel the effect of the lackluster second half is Rakul Preet’s quiet yet funny Fatima. Instead of the sanctimonious at-your-face drama, the focus should have been on her complex relationship with Ayushmann. Fatima and Uday as characters go through some intense character development themselves and yet feel lost in the bigger picture. Shefali Shah and her brilliant presence as Dr. Nandini is quite effective. Her school of thought has the necessary weight, yet towards the conclusion, the character journey is still quite underwhelming.

There are various amusing incidents with “Doctor G” that will make you smile if not laugh. The moments Uday hesitates to check the vagina’s dilation, the never-ending vagina monologue in an all-female classroom, and the likes of pregnant women screaming to get his attention in a hospital room. Even his eccentric mother (Sheeba Chadha), who is addicted to her Tinder profile and goes on frequent dates, are all depicted in the film with epic comedy and insane gravitas. The film writers have made a clever setup and the first half of the film falls right into place. It is funny and realistic. Ayushmann is excellent as usual. We see Ayushmann as yet another small town boy in distress which is what the Indian audience is already comfortable with. This is exactly what works against him as well. The audience is tired of the same role Ayushmann keeps picking with different backstories.

“Doctor G” works very well in most aspects. The depiction of female leads as well as characters is well-done. The music though is underwhelming and doesn’t make a great impact. Although the movie could have helped with a better script, one that includes more on gender equality and better lessons on sex-ed. It definitely is a good effort. The film is a conversation starter and a necessary one at that. One should watch it for its comedy and the message it wants to deliver.

The film is out in the theaters.


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