Adulting is such a hard-hitting term, especially now when I am seeing it from a first-person perspective. The transition from school to college and from college to the real world is one of a kind. It is like a mix of good and bad, wholesome and heart-wrenching moments, all packed in a box – Adulting. This concept has been authentically captured by a new six-part show – “Feels Like Home” on Lionsgate Play.

One of the best aspects about this show is that it focuses on how this transition affects male young adults. Most shows about travel and transitions focus on young adult females and their struggles, but this one managed to address what we needed to hear. Directed by Sahir Raza, “Feels Like Home” is a wholesome slice-of-life of 4 guys and their journey of going from 4 individuals to a family. With a lot of partying, booze, drama, and dialogue, the boys also share a chemistry like no other.

The show revolves around 4 guys – Lakshay (Prit Kamani), a party-head privileged boy with first-world issues in life. According to him, every problem has only one solution – party and booze. He has a friend, Avinash (Vishnu Kaushal), who is heart-broken as his girlfriend (Inayat Sood) has dumped him and he just cannot fathom how it all happened. One of the most sensible friends in this group is Sameer (Anshuman Malhotra), aka, the ‘Sasta Ghalib’ of the house and also the moral compass of Banchodd Nivas, Delhi. With this last character, an under-19 cricketer from Ghana, Akhil (Mihir Ahuja), the creators have tried to portray the journey of a new kid in transition.

Performance wise, the 4 actors are fresh faces and their personalities match with that of their characters, making them a perfect fit. The energy that they resonate can be felt way beyond the episodes and screens, right into the heart of the audiences. Prit Kamani as Lakshay is a good character and his extra efforts of playing such a loud character were evident. Vishnu Kaushal as Avinash makes a brilliant acting debut with this role and the confusion of his character comes across very well.

Anshuman Malhotra as Sameer is one of the most grounded and sensible characters in the entire show, much like his original self. Mihir Ahuja as the newbie in this villa is someone who can be most relatable for all the new young adults out there, trying to make a life. Apart from this, there is also a raw form of dialogue used which makes the show original in nature. Picking up from cult series like ‘Friends’, this show manages to keep the originality intact with its refreshing language and discourse.

This six-part show has a lot of hilarious moments as well as those which will feel very realistic. Each episode is filled with a lot of emotions and a lesson at the end which makes every episode a good watch. It feels good to be able to relate to a character and “Feels Like Home” gives us 4 personalities to hold on to. Coming from different mindsets, these boys are here to capture our heart with their bonds and brotherhood. A house involves many nuanced chores like cooking, cleaning and more which has also been incorporated into the storyline.

To adulthood, adulting, college life, parties, relationships, friendship, fights, bromance and much more, this show is a combination of several emotions and storylines. The end of this show is not very clear, leading to hopes of a second season where there is a possibility of characters getting into more depth of their stories and discovering themselves. It feels joyful to be able to discover oneself through the lens of another character.


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