A women centric world is a reality with a bunch of issues and obstacles. Women can be strong, rebellious, goal-oriented, focussed and so much more. Revolving around this very theme is Four More Shots Please! Directed by Joyeeta Patpatia, the third season casts the same quadruple —Sayani Gupta, Kirti Kulhari, Maanvi Gagroo, and Bani J as the main leads. The story is in continuation from the previous season and is supposedly spicing things up furthermore by hopping onto multiple problems one after another. The third season has a sassy addition to its cast with a gorgeous Jim Sarbh.

The story unfolds in their personal lives respectively. This season tries to do more than the previous seasons which makes it a little forced at times. We follow Bani’s character while she faces her own father after her breakup with Samara Kapoor. Damini played by Sayani is seen dealing with her miscarriage and becoming a little gaurded post then. One of the interesting strings of the show is Anjana and her broken marriage and how she goes through it. A relatable storyline for many, her subplot becomes something the audience wishes to look upto through the series. The season, while focusing on the lives of its four protagonists, also deviates to tell the stories of the people in their lives including the likes of Maanvi’s mother, Anjana’s ex-husband, etc.

This season does highlight references of the past to its audience, over-explaining unnecessary details. Some scenes feel stretched and boring too because of the same reason. What does not work for the third installment of the series are many things. To begin with, it wasn’t as pivotal in proving its point in the first season of the show itself. The creators had two seasons and about three years to work on their weaknesses and enhance their strengths. Although, they are left stagnant with no actual movement. The show hasn’t grown and instead just become about the issues these four women face specifically.

For most of its audience, these privileged girls and their posh life isn’t even relatable. What works horribly against them is that even their problems lack depth sometimes. For the better part of the series, we are only hoping that the story will pick its own pieces and make it better but that never happens. Four More Shots Please! proves that writing around the elite, three times in a row, posh cinematography and loud music does not guarantee the best series. There is more the creators and writers have to learn especially from all the three seasons and make better cinema. In the language of the show itself, we as an audience are left high and dry!


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