“Friday Night Plan” is the debut film of writer-director Vatsal Neelkantan. It also makes up for Irfan Khan’s son Babil Khan’s second film. He earlier made his debut on Netflix itself last year with the Tripti Dimri starrer “Qala”.

The story of “Friday Night Plan” is centered around two brothers. Elder brother Sid (played by Babil) is good at studies and is called a bookworm by everyone whereas his younger brother Adi (played by Amrit Jayan) is quite fun-loving and mischievous in nature. Both brothers love each other a lot but they always keep fighting with each other at home, just like any other sibling.

One day, Sid and Adi’s mother (played by Juhi Chawla) has to go out for some urgent business work. After explaining a lot to both of them, she leaves them alone at home. But still both the brothers plan to attend the party after their mother leaves. This plan of the brothers pushes them into a night of misadventures where they have to deal with all the obstacles on their own.

This is Vatsal Neelakantan’s debut film as a director and he does try to bring a good school drama but the weak script of the film lets us down. The film misses the mark from what it could have been as a high school drama full of excitement, joy and teenage energy. The screenplay of the film moves at such a fast pace that none of its emotions leave a permanent impact on the minds of the audience. Though, he has skillfully saved the film from unwanted melodrama. Whatever happens on the screen, it seems authentic and is relatable to the children of the new age.

Vatsal has gathered an amazing star cast as well. Babil Khan is progressing with every film and it is very much visible. While acting, he repeatedly reminds us of his father Irrfan Khan, which works in his favor as well as against him.The work of Amrit Jayan who is playing the role of Babil’s younger brother is worth noting. The kind of fun-filled style that he has lived in front of the camera at a young age will endear him to the audience. It won’t be wrong to say that the entire film rests on the shoulders of these two. The conversations, debates and clashes between the two brothers seem as real as real-life brothers. Adhya Anand’s work is effective and Medha Rana also catches the eye while watching the film. Juhi Chawla’s presence or absence in the film does not evoke much emotion. Overall actors have presented a good performance but the weakness of the screenplay does not allow its effect to last.

On the technical front too the film doesn’t have anything special to offer. The editing and music of the film is also very mediocre. “Friday Night Plan” emotionally combines the themes of first love, friendship and competition among brothers. However, its screenplay does not give them a chance to flourish. The threads get cut off before it even takes off. The 109-minute film fails to provide a particularly entertaining return on investment for the audience as per its timing. Though, if you don’t have anything else to watch there’s no loss giving it a try.

“Friday Night Plan” is currently streaming on Netflix.


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