Produced by Yuva Production House and directed by Sakshi Gurnani, Gray is a mini film that talks about the importance of consent in a relationship and what a huge difference Consent can make. How much we talk about the value of a Yes or a No, when it comes to intimate relationships, consent just does not seem to fall in the black or white. Time and again, the greyness makes us question ourselves and feel betrayed in not being able to protect ourselves.

This film features Shreya Dhanwanthary (Naina), a young independent urban woman as the protagonist and Dia Mirza in the role of a therapist. The story revolves around a group of friends who are finally living the days of their lives. Naina’s best friend who develops feelings for her mistakes her actions as signals for him to get closer to her. From Naina’s point of view, it leads onto some uncomfortable intimate moments that make her question her integrity and boundaries.

Some moments are sensitive and questionable. And one moment or a memory may mean different things to two different people. It sure is hard to live with the thought of not being understood by our partner or our best friend.

Naina craves connection with her best friend but she also struggles to set her boundaries. And to say a straight forward ‘No’ and hurt his feelings. She misses her best friend but she also feels hurt because she feels disrespected by him. Above all, Naina feels pity for not having stood for herself. At times like this, Dia Mirza, a therapist comes to her rescue. And the film leaves you with some impactful answers for yourself.

Gray is a must watch for its simple yet significant message on Consent. And its realistic take on why Consent falls in a grey area. It’s nothing more, nothing less but just a perfect story of a moment between two friends.

It’s streaming on Amazon MiniTV for free.


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