HIT The First Case starring Rajkumar Rao and SanyaMalhotra is a Hindi remake of a Telugu film by the same name and the same director Sailesh Kolanu. It also casts DalipTahil, Milind Gunaji, Shilpa Shukla. Now, with such likeable and fair artists, we as audience already expect a lot. This remake may not have worked well for those expectations.

Rajkumar Rao aka Vikram Jaisingh is an officer at HIT (Homicide Intervention Team) who suffers from PTSD. His trauma is unresolved and he is hyper vulnerable with multiple flashbacks of the incident. Also because he works in scenarios that puts him under such situations. Sanya Malhotra aka Neha is a forensic scientist and co-worker and also the former’s love interest.

There is a missing girl, a dead body and number of suspects. This is only about the case. Underneath, there are layers to everything.

It engrosses you well in the beginning when it is building up on the crime plot. Moving ahead it is too much of hush-hush that you do not want to put on yourself into while watching a film. The plot is on a constant rush to move from one point to the other with no resolution. Dealing with one’s own trauma and taking up murder cases back to back is what VikramJaisingh is all about. However, most part of it seems unnecessary and avoidable. There is apparently no base provided in the story that will make you relate and empathise with his character.

There are work scenes and public relations of police officers played by parallel cast. It lacks an element of likeability to it. On the other hand, the main part has a love story, trauma and a murder mystery. There is too much for a film of such genre. It complicates the genre itself.

The scenes are an attempt of intricate expressions that does not fit very well with the script. The actors have done a good job on their part. But interweaving it with the film, they somewhere seem lost in the script as if they are playing a role which they do not understand or resonate to. Sanya Malhotra’s role is more of a supporting one instead of an involved character.

There is a lot of un-ending drama with superficial dialogue delivery. As a viewer, you may find it difficult to completely connect to the case investigation at any point because of a lack of building the plot right and setting the communication well among characters. The dialogues and its place in a conversation is very mechanical.  

HIT – The First Case is about the case it solves but also is in parts a take on depicting mental health concerns of officials working in such setups. It could have been portrayed well with a flowy pace and a little less on the central plot.



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