Sima Aunty became a sensation in India since the Indian Matchmaking had released on Netflix. Overloaded with our opinions on hers, Sima Taparia got both love and memes to her name. Growing up we have all had Sima aunties around us. With the real one, it is quite different though, we enjoy watching her.

Indian Marriages or Marriages in general are a big deal. Our lives literally revolve around the one decision that we make about marrying somebody. For some, it just happens. For others, we have to undergo a long process in just finding the right person. But most of us somehow reach that path. How much ever we dislike the burdens that society puts on marriage, we are all bound by them. And Sima Taparia is merely one of their patrons.

What makes Indian Matchmaking interesting is the entire process of matchmaking itself with the special tadka of Sima aunty’s standpoint which we love to be a rebel against. And ofcourse if everything goes well, we get to experience the entire real big fat Indian Wedding on screen.

Indian Matchmaking was a huge success in 2020. The season 2 also seems to be on the same line. The show is bright and cultural. It is spiced with people from different background who comes with their own criteria. (Sima aunty’s reaction to the demands of her clients; it’s a 10/10). And her eye blink on her client being ovo-lacto-semi-vegitarian.

With the discussions about marriages and Sima aunty’s opinions on the generation’s unwillingness to adjust, it all makes us participate and view the show very actively. The changing times and the matchmaker’s efforts in bringing people together is watch worthy. Most of the clients she has today are well settled and unwilling to compromise. She says “for some clients from years I am working but still they are unmarried.” We love to watch all that comes through in the failure and successes of matchmaking.

Sima Taparia is back with Indian Matchmaking season 2. And we cant wait to watch the exciting parts of the featured real life characters. It also has some of the most talked about personalities from the season 1: Aparna Shewakramani , Pradhyuman Maloo and Nadia Jagessar.

It streams on Netflix from August 10th, 2022.


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