Dominion means to rule or control. The Jurassic World Dominion is the newest film from the Jurassic World Franchise that begins with the plot that Dinosaurs are living amongst humans. That nor do we share the same timeline, planet, or air, now we share the same land. We see Dinosaurs kept as pets or roaming in jungles like deer. Dinosaurs being smuggled into black markets etc. From being extinct to being reborn with the first movie in 1993 to now being a part of human life and the ecosystem, Dinosaurs and human relations have come a long way. 

The premise of the film has the biggest problems in the form of Locusts. They are eating up fields of America`s countryside and the whole world walking towards the danger of a food crisis. The whole Jurassic world was concerned about tiny insects instead of the huge dinosaurs. It was a bit weird. But the theme behind this is the greed of humans in the form of Biosyn (the company that made Locusts). That the greed of a human (Locutus) can overpower even the biggest most dangerous creatures on this planet. They seem very dangerous and the locust’s attack scene took our breath away.

But like most of the Jurassic world series we see a similar sequence or happenings in this film too. The one creature that should never go out or the one thing that should never run out of control runs out of control. We again see the 2 strongest Dinosaurs fighting each other. The humans have again fled with Dinosaurs’ baby and the similar Dinosaur world cliches is what we see again.

We see a new concept where a girl made from a Clone process is abducted by Biosyn. Some new scientific ideas came on the screen which was interesting but didn’t leave the expected impact.

It was like a small reunion of Jurassic world and its characters. The problem being the audience couldn’t revive all the past references that are put in the film. Still, the visuals were amazing. The new Dinosaurs were interesting and Locutus was terrifying. 

The film is the last in the series of the Jurassic films. It tried hard to bid the best possible goodbye to its fans. It showed a sweet reunion of the most loved characters. Recreated the T-rex Jurassic world symbol. And tried giving a happy ending.

The last few scenes shared a new idea with the world. Where Dinosaurs are now a part of human lives, a happily accepted part!. We see a young girl playing with a baby dinosaur. We see all the illegal activities of Biosyn shutting down. They gave us a scenario where the future and the past are coexisting. The Dinosaurs, the horses, the birds, and the humans live together in harmony. Absurd but beautiful. As if commemorating the most famous quote of the Jurassic universe “Life finds a way “.


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