Right from when I started watching Little Things, which is season 1, has been a comfy, pretty, and feel-good watch for me. The audience has been a witness to the relationship between Biryani Monster and Momo. The show is all about Dhruv (Dhruv Sehgal) & Kavya (Mithila Palkar) going through issues and growing together, learning and solving the many ‘little things’ life throws at them.

I have always been skeptical about the future seasons of the shows I like. Will they be good as the last one? Will I be able to connect to them as I did to the prior seasons? I was in a similar state watching this as well.

But I must say ‘Little Things’ didn’t disappoint me at all. The last season extends the storyline of this loving couple who after 3 years of living together have to now navigate through the after-effects of a long-distance relationship. Season 4 starts with the two meeting in Kerala after 14 months apart. They are happy, talking about their lives and we get a sneak peek of how they lived in those 14 months.

The beauty of this show is in its nuances. We see Dhruv and Kavya all excited and hugging each other at first, but then we understand how there is a little friction between the two arising from living apart from each other for so long. And slowly we watch them getting past these invisible spaces and fit perfectly into each other as before.

The most appealing part of the show is how we see this couple talking about big problems or having uncomfortable conversations not so easily, but still not shying away from it. Their big conversations are not dramatic dialogues but full of yaar, pauses, hmm, etc and that’s what makes this show so relatable.

We saw them talking about marriage from the 1st season only and still, they are discussing it but now they are more positive towards it. Often they questioned, “We let each other grow, right?” And the affirmative answer to this is the biggest one for them. They want to be together but are giving each other time to be ready! As Dhruv says, “Boyfriend Girlfriend is economy class but Marriage is Business class.” This shows that they are clear about flying and flying together. They just need an upgrade, but what for? We don’t know & neither do they till the end. But you know that’s how it is – you never really find answers but with healthy discussions, even situations where we have reached no solutions satisfy us.

Dhruv and Kavya saw ups and downs together. They cared, helped, and pushed each other for the better. They show the audience how you can talk even the toughest things out, how you don’t need a big over-the-top situation to be happy or call it a memorable day, but a simple, little moment of togetherness can do all the magic.

This season explores the dynamics of the protagonists’ families and brings them together under one roof. We get to see beautiful Kerala, amazing music, pretty romantic gestures of Kavu and Momo and on top of it their understanding and commitment towards the little world that they have created together.

In the end, ‘Little Things’ gifts it’s audience what they were waiting for but with a very Little Things-esque twist.

For me, this show is more like an introduction to a lifestyle in that it shows & explores the life of a couple who one enjoys following the story of. Sometimes it felt like an extended Indian version of the film ‘Before Sunrise’.

Now that the show has ended, I wish Kavu and Momo a happily ever after, and even if the road ahead has its own bumps or potholes, I know that they will talk through it all because “nothing matters if we could swing through the little things!”

The final season of ‘Little Things’ is now streaming on Netflix.


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