Over the past four seasons, we’ve only seen Lucifer (Tom Ellis) rant and complain about God’s unfair treatment of him. Season five gave us the opportunity to see God (Dennis Hayesbert) “in the flesh”, and he was a joy to watch. For the celestial beings, this was a journey to reconcile past misunderstandings and start over. At the end of season five, Michael and Lucifer fought for the throne of God, with Lucifer finally prevailing. 

The beginning of season six featured a recreation of the first shot from season one, bringing back many memories. Lucifer was driving his infamous Corvette when he was caught speeding, and ended up bribing the same cop as in season one. He and Chloe decided, before he was to ascend the throne, to spend his last few days on Earth in Los Angeles so that they could spend some time together. This season has its own set of mysteries as well, “Rory” being the biggest of them all, across all seasons. 

Although Lucifer Morningstar is regarded as a selfish man by many, his growth over the six seasons is truly remarkable. By watching Lucifer, the viewers can see how a person can grow into the best version of himself. The role of ‘Lucifer’ could not have been played any better by anyone but Tom Ellis. As I watched him bring Lucifer to life with such excitement, I marveled at the way he honed him into such a fully realized persona. As the show ends, we get to see Lucifer’s life come full circle. 

It’s true that power can be an important source, but it can also have harmful effects on the mind. Season five was difficult to accept as it ended with Dan’s death and everyone has grieved it differently. In season six, we see Chloe (Lauren German) a little lost and in search of an anchor. As the season progresses, the audiences finally get to see her in the ‘detective’ mode she had been playing over the series. Her unwavering faith in Lucifer is something I have adored forever and that didn’t change even now. 

For Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) and Eve (Inbar Lavi), they have finally reached the point of putting aside their differences to fully embrace their relationship. Linda (Rachael Harris) should be hailed as the most wonderful therapist in the world by every celestial being who has visited Los Angeles because she helped everyone, Lucifer being her first celestial client. Dan aka Detective Douche (Kevin Alejandro), was a very intricate character throughout the show and his demise was painful for the audiences. 

Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) is like a shadow of God – a calm, patient presence. Throughout the series, he has had the most steady and defined arc which is magnificent. The sixth season is a completely different experience and role for him, as a new recruit in the police academy. As a part of his journey, he makes it his goal to fight the battle of color as much as he can, and he does succeed in making some changes. Ella, the bright sunny glass-half-full kind of character also has her dark past which makes it difficult for her to trust any guy. Carol is the new detective, Dan’s best friend, and we get a glimpse into their blossoming love lives in the final season. 

This season season shatters various societal stereotypes and obstacles like racism, homosexuality & gender differences in a way that people can identify with. To challenge so many practices through humour without offending the audience is a remarkable feat. Bringing back a story from its origins, making a modern twist, and becoming one of the top-rated shows on Netflix is an accomplishment in itself. The directors have done their best to give closure to all the characters, ending their journeys with satisfaction for the audiences. 

The series, developed by Tom Kapinos, has always held a special place in my heart, and it is difficult to bid this series a goodbye. Blurring the boundaries between heaven and hell, this show tried to question some very deep-rooted questions within our culture. The concept of one’s hell being nothing more than their own guilt is fascinating. Another facet of the show that I enjoyed was the non-cliche love story of Lucifer and Chloe. In the course of the show, the brotherhood between Amenadiel and Lucifer grows and their love deepens, even if they rarely show it. 

In conclusion, Lucifer is a must watch series. Imagining what hell might be like is impossible for most of us, but in this show, we get an insight into the concept in a creative manner. The idea of hell is that it is a place of punishment, but I would like to leave you with a question – could hell also be a place of healing and redemption?

Lucifer Season 6 is now streaming on Netflix. 


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