Produced by Anto Joseph, Malik, starring Fahadh Faasil, adds layers of intrigue and emotion to all the characters and builds them up right till the end scene. 

The ingenious cinematography by Sanu Varghese is the final flourish to this masterpiece of a movie which has been directed by Mahesh Narayanan. The opening scene sets the course for the rest of the movie, with an uninterrupted shot of Sulaiman Ali aka Ali Ikka (Fahadh Faasil) preparing to leave for a pilgrimage to Hajj. Unprecedented circumstances and close monitoring by the police builds our intrigue as we follow him to jail instead. 

Malik tells the story of Sulaiman who spends his childhood in and out of prison for partaking in illegal activities. With age, his methods and partnerships become sharp-witted and he starts a smuggling business. Along the way, he starts standing up for the people of his village and eventually reaches a revered status within the community. With a compassionate heart, he is a man of the people and hence no one from Ramadapally could raise a hand against him. 

The film shows a transitional relationship between the two adjacent villages of Ramadapally and Edavathura, where Muslims and Christians lived in harmony till megalomaniacs from both communities planted seeds of hatred that led to riots and bloodshed. This has direct repercussions on Sulaiman’s life, forming the rest of the film. 

Although the film is a work of fiction, it seems like the writer may have drawn inspiration from the Beemapally shooting of 2009 that left 6 people dead and a trail of havoc in its aftermath. 

Fahadh Faasil has an incomparable capability to carry any film but without overshadowing the other members of the cast and Malik is no different. The supporting cast of Nimisha Sajayan, Joju George, Dileesh Pothan, Vinay Forrt and Sanal Aman among others have an incredible amount of talent that they add to the film. Malik is a mass entertainer that is set to receive applause from the fans and resonate with the audience.

Malik is now streaming on Amazon Prime. 


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