With Mard Ko Dard nahi Hota, Vasan Bala has created a crazy universe which is bound to lure you in it. Surya (Abhimanyu Dassani), Supri (Radhika Madan), Jimmy (Gulshan Devaiah), Karate Mani (Gulshan Devaiah) and Aajoba (Mahesh Manjrekar).

In the first few minutes of the film, you will get a taste of the ‘yehi hota agar…’ is exactly what Surya wants out of his life, but do you always get what you want? Here we are introduced to Surya’s life, with Supri and Aajoba in it. The rare condition that Surya is suffering from, Congenital insensitivity to Pain and the need to avenge his mother’s death. For Supri, the need is different, being born to an abusive and drunkard father, living a life where freedom has no meaning and all she wants to do is escape this pod. For Aajoba, it’s about his childhood dream that he could not live and wants Surya to live his life to the fullest, follow his dreams and not compromise on anything, just because of his condition. The story revolves around, Surya’s introduction to Karate and Martial Arts through action movies, Supri entering the world of Karate Mani and Aajoba’s encouragement for everything. Jimmy is the ‘cliched psychotic villain’, as labeled in the film, that eventually makes everything fall into place for everyone.

While being away from the real world for the longest period in his life, you can understand the need for Surya to create his own stories, as bizarre as they are, from his perspective of what he thinks of the world to be. The entire universe is a combination of bizzare, absurdness, quirky, funny, cracking, cool, silly and a bit too real at times. All these elements come together and form a perfect balance for you to stay glued to the screen throughout. It finds an audience in all types of cinema-goers, from absolute entertainment-seekers to people who are looking out for great cinema!

About the performances, Gulshan Devaiah is a super delight on screen, especially as Jimmy, the way his character is built (the most absurd I have seen in a long time), creates unexpected moments that are hilarious and break the monotony and gives all the other characters the space to build upon (it’s my most favourite character from the film). And as Karate Mani, he is as convincing. Both of them are simple characters (compared to the others), but he has done such an amazing job at both that it makes you wonder if they are the simple pieces at all? Abhimanyu Dassani, a fresh face justifies Surya completely, though at times he is as raw but the overall screen occupancy is great. Radhika as Supri, the ‘Ninja Girl’ is commendable, a very good job done there with no room for complain.

Bala as the Writer-Director, is a Master-gun! The package is so gripping that if there is a sequel planned, it would be pre-booked already. It is so refreshing to watch such ideas come to life and knowing that we have people who can cook up something like this and execute it even better. An unconventional take on action and comedy combined with a tight script and kills it with his direction.

The music is soooo grippy and loop-worthy! You will not stop singing Tere Liye and Rappan Rappi Rap long after the movie is done. It stays with you much much longer than. Fits the narrative extremely well and will have you crave for more. Peppy, fresh, here-to-stay.

The Sparrow gives it 3.5 chirps and highly recommends, a film tailor-made for you to have fun!


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