Masaba Masaba is out with its second installation of the series. Much like the former season, this one too takes you through the life of famous Fashion Designer, Masaba Gupta. The show also gave us glimpses of Neena Gupta, an old bollywood veteran who is still not out of the movie business and rightly so. The second installation of the Masaba series stars some phenomenal faces that include Neil Bhoopalam, Rytasha Rathore, Ram Kapoor, Kareema Barry and Kusha Kapila. This season we see Masaba in a tightrope with her client’s fiance, Fateh and her investor Dhairya Rana while Neenaji is going through her own angst of being an older actor in the industry that’s especially harsh to the older generation.

This seven part series is created by Ashvini Yardi and directed and unfolded by many, some of whom are Sonam Nair, Nandini Gupta, Punya Arora and Anisha Raisurana. The production is done on a big scale and there’s indeed been a significant increase in the budget for the show. Regardless, Masaba Masaba doesn’t uplift entertainment like it should. The writing is hurriedly done and the story lacks originality and realism. When a show is written and created around real famous people as themselves, the audience expects an upgrade from the usual cliche. The audience wants to see a world of a fashion designer, not a girl’s quest for love and work achievements. Moving on, the soundtrack is a step up from last season and is extremely enjoyable.

This season, we see more of Neena Gupta and her hurdles in the big world of bollywood. It is refreshing to see her with Ram Kapoor but that subplot is wasted by the end of the season. The screenplay is bland and predictable. The series opens with a lot of potential but closes with the audience left with nothing really. The final end of the season feels incomplete and leaves the audience wanting more. The actors are why the show is bearable. The performances are well done. Kareema Barry’s character is loveable.

The writers being as many could have done more but have ended up spoiling the broth instead. There are a few social issues the season raises its voice for like body positivity and sexism but does as little as have a conversation about it between characters. The last run of real-body-inspiring models was a definite plus point to the show. The series ends on a probable note of extending further but we do hope that next season has more originality to offer. My favourite part of Masaba Masaba Season 2 was the very first scene which includes a popular cameo. It was hilarious and super candid.

Masaba Masaba is now streaming on Netflix.



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