The sixth one of the Mission Impossible series brings to the table a few aspects that have never even been predicted before.

This particular movie came around with such twists and turns, it shocks the audience while also making them learn to look deeper into the details of cinematography to plot the story. It keeps the audience on the edge of their seats, right on the brink, making them hope for a happy ending.
Like every other Mission Impossible, this one also ends in a way that makes Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) seem like the job was done effortlessly possible. Yet it brings in light certain histories and possible futures that the audience crave to see.

With mind-blowing action and direction, this movie has a beautiful cast of Tom Cruise, Henry Cavill, Rebecca Ferguson, Simon Pegg and Ving Rhames. A perfect fit of misfits to get nuclear jobs done in order to save the world.

The story in this movie revolves around saving the world, in the hands of Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise). He teams up with his team, the IMF, to stop a rogue man from one third of the world’s destruction through nuclear weapons. Him, his team, a new spy from CIA and the French are all involved in the complicated mess of achieving what they each want.

Like every other Mission Impossible, this one also has tasks that are practically impossible but with the brains of his team members like Benji and Luther, Ethan always figures a way out of getting it done. The beauty of this film stands true to its style with a load of twists and turns on the way,

A few aspects of the movie caught my eye. It is a pretty predictable revelation of suspense if you have a close look on everything around the characters but the way the climax turns out to portray the truth is a whole nother experience.

  • Screenplay: The way Fallout was directed artistically, with perspectives of not only a third person view but also of the characters themselves is one way in which the audience’s attention gets captured. Every scene, every transition and every frame seemed so effortlessly executed, you never get to know how you reach the next yardstick in the plotline before you can digest the previous scene. It keeps the viewers hooked and craving for more.
  • Action: Every single Mission Impossible shouts out for action. The kind of action in this film although is a next level upgradation. You have helicopter fight takes, nuclear weapon handlings, getting struck by lightning mid-air and close to death situations for every single character. It makes you appreciate how efficient the IMF is, with their approach.
  • Background Score: The theme song of this series has never been more appreciated by me than this particular film. Used at the right time in the right intensity, the soundtrack of this film doubles as a perception of what the next move is going to be. It is truly thrilling to experience.
  • Performances: This particular film focuses on the characters’ development emotionally. They validate their feelings as much as the job is validated and it is a very refreshing outlook to the plot line. Everyone is expressive and overt and you as an audience feel more connected to them.
  • Climax: Unlike the other Mission Impossibles, this one has a significant factor of suspense. A major villain that they’re after is unidentified in the beginning. No one knows who he is or what he looks like, their mission is to stop him before he causes damage to one third of the world. This thrill of events takes up the entire movie up until a point where he is revealed, and when they do, it is the most satisfactory yet unsettling piece of information to take in, the beauty of the entire movie lies in it.

For a film as genius and pleasing as this, one should definitely make their way to the theatres to watch it. It is an amazing work of art that has been executed equally well.

I would personally rate this film a 4.5 stars for how well it fits into the series timeline but also for how well it’s outdone the entire series.
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