Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s introduction shot – from the windshield of a taxi where his family is begging him to get married soon. He has come back from Dubai to spend a few holidays with his family in Bhopal. I just could not believe what I was unfurling on screen. After watching his fierce portrayal of a gangster in Sacred Games, his depiction of a middle-aged man trying to find a bride (and longing for some err…. action) comes as a shocker.

While I had huge expectations after watching the trailer, they were partly fulfilled. Some scenes are very well-crafted and leave you in splits and this is one of the few reasons why this film isn’t too bad as a whole. Cut out these scenes from the movie and the end-product isn’t too pleasing to watch.

The movie is extensively shot in Bhopal and we get picturesque shots of lakes from time to time which justifies the city’s moniker – city of lakes. The locales are quaint and the houses also have a decent architecture with porches and back yards. The lead characters live in houses next to each other and there is a very funny sequence towards the climax based on the same premise. I don’t want to spoil one of the very few engaging scenes from the film. Watch it!

We have to applaud Nawazuddin’s decision to play a submissive character right after the outrageously popular, Sacred Games. Down south, Vijay Deverakonda did a Geetha Govindam, where he played a submissive young man which was a far cry from the raging Arjun Reddy. That film raked in huge profits and his acting was applauded by many. I’m not sure if we can expect an encore of the same marketing strategy with this film. While Nawazuddin was excellent in portraying a mama’s boy, the story and screenplay are a big let-down.

There are some cringeworthy scenes in the film featuring Athiya Shetty where she faints after knowing that Nawaz lost his Dubai job. It seems like her character, Annie (Anita Awasthi), has this dream of going abroad and posting pictures with her NRI husband on Facebook and is aggressive in fulfilling her desires and doesn’t budge from finding a partner working in a foreign country. She has only one ambition in life, marry an NRI and spend the rest of her life abroad while posting pictures against the backdrop of beautiful tourist destinations.

She goes as far as falling for an older man just because he is employed as an accountant in Dubai. While her chirpy character was fun to watch (at times), the character as a whole isn’t somebody you would want to be friends with.

There is a montage-filled song in the movie where Pushpinder Tyagi tries to woo Annie. It was fun to see Nawaz in such an avatar. After watching that particular song, it was tough to accept that this is the same guy who played Ganesh Gaitonde. Nawaz should definitely do some more rom-coms with a better cast and crew.

The director has tried her best to diss the dowry system which would be convincing enough for people living in tier-2 and tier-3 cities but the approach isn’t quite conclusive and seems far-fetched. I think the director could’ve been a bit more assertive in putting forward her two cents.

A good thing about the movie is that it sticks to its story and doesn’t take a detour from what it wanted to convey in the first place. While there was an opportunity to squeeze in a bit of patriotism (read fake) when Pushpinder decides to stay back in Bhopal and not go to Dubai, the director didn’t give into such crowd-pleasing tactics.

If you laugh when people mispronounce words in English, love mindless rom-coms and have time to kill at the weekend, then this is the film for you.


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