Aakash Bhatia’s new directorial, ‘Looop Lapeta’ which comes with an additional ‘o’ is about being stuck in a time loop. First things first, the cast of the movie includes Taapsee Pannu as Savi and Tahir Bhasin as Satya in the lead roles along with a huge supporting cast.

The trailer begins with a narration by Savi that edges towards a negative take on the world which is followed by Satya and Savi sharing wholesome and passionate moments with each other. Satya is a gambler, making trips to casinos and placing bets, as a stroke of luck can change their life. Up until now, he has only earned punches from various people at the casino, no cash. With an eventful screenplay, there’s no shortage of twists and turns in this film, the first one being delivering a bag and getting another bag full of cash in return. Did I forget to mention that the bag will contain 50 lakhs?

As confusing as the trailer gets, it still adds thrill for the audiences. Apparently, Satya entrusted with the bag has lost all the money on a bet. He’s a deer in the headlights and is scared in anticipation of his condition once the mobster finds out about the mess. “50 lakh, 50 minute, aur ek useless boyfriend ki jaan mere bharose”, says Savi after which she is seen on the run to help.

She reaches some training center and asks her coach, patiently to help her, from which he abstains only to have a gun pointed at his head soon enough. With each passing second of the trailer, I like Savi more and more. After a cocktail of confusing scenes and a plan for a fake robbery, Satya is shot in the left shoulder and Savi cannot stop panicking.

It takes a few seconds for the audience to realize that Savi is stuck in a time loop as she finds herself back where she started. Oh, good news, Satya is alive, again! This time, Savi is better prepared to follow the same track as the last time as she warns Satya of all the foreseen obstacles. Police, gun shots, car rides gone wrong – All in an infinite loop, there seems to be no end and this sounds crazy fun!

The trailer ends with Satya asking Savi about how she would feel if she was about to win a lottery tomorrow morning but dies the night before . “Thoda sad nahi ho jayega”, she responds and that marks an end to this mind blowing trailer. Overall, the movie looks like an escapade of fun, thrill, confusion and what not. The burden of getting Satya and the audiences out of the loop lies solely on the shoulders of Taapsee and one restores faith that she’ll do it just right. The background score perfectly complements the adventure of the trailer, enough to keep the audiences on the edge of their seats.

Apart from the main leads, the roles of the supporting cast also look important when looking at the plot formation. From the people at the casino to the people planning a fake robbery, everyone seems to have played a critical role in making the first look of the film a success. Movies that distort the realms of time and space can get frustrating at times but to keep the energy and suspense going is the key and ‘Looop Lapeta’ has done it just right. I actually like the twisted spelling of ‘looop’ in the title and I for one am looking forward to understanding the reason behind this in the movie. Another thing that stands out about Taapsee is how she has donned the role of every character and Bhasin is about to set multiple records of being a versatile actor this year!

Running against time and yet in loops, this movie releases on Netflix on February 4, 2022.

You can catch the trailer here –



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