The movie, Rashtra Kavach: OM, like the name is about Om, a para commando who loses his short term memory but still has to save the country and its national secrets. The movie is directed by the debutant Kapil Verma. It casts Aditya Roy Kapur as Om, the protagonist sent out for the main mission to bring back an anti-nuclear missile shield that might have fallen into the wrong hands with his work colleague, Kavya (Sanjana Sanghi). It is during this mission, that he is shot and loses his memory. His uncle, Rathore, played by Ashutosh Rana, nurtures him back to health.

The missile that’s being talked about was developed by Om’s father Dev played by Jackie Shroff. Prachee Shah Paandya plays the tearful mother. The story is twisted with a lot of aspects. Dialogue delivery makes it harder to like it. Vineet Malhotra’s cinematography is neat and the production sets are good too, just repetitive. Director Kapil Verma makes an attempt to create a movie about patriotism but lacks the genuinity of the story. Storytelling is tasteless. Om is in perfect get up and body throughout the film with powerful abs and great hair. Action seems to have been highly inspired by Captain America from Marvel and it is rather funny to watch Aditya Roy Kapur hold onto helicopters with chains than thrilling.

The direction is shabby and the story that unfolds in front of you makes little to no sense. The music of the film is by far forgetful. The star cast is thrilling and on point with their costumes and performance but it does little to uplift the plot. The movie makers and actors have given their best and tried to make a good film. It is solely the writing that hurts. The plot is baseless and dialogues even worse. The film is a sheer example of a repetitive mass action thriller that brings nothing new with it.

When we first saw the trailer we knew what we were expecting; a power-packed action thriller with pretty and talented faces. We expected entertainment if nothing more, but Rashtra Kavach: Om falls short of everything that we expect from it. There is barely even a teaching lesson other than patriotism and that Om is the ultimate savior; and Aditya Roy Kapur is good in his performance of Om. So are the talented Rana and Prachee. It is the literal bigger picture that is absurd.

When audiences look up to a theatrical release the primary expectation is that of being entertained and a movie should atleast live up to it. Actors like Aditya Roy Kapur and Ashutosh Rana are worth so much more when it comes to films. Hopefully the team sees their shortcomings, works on them and makes better entertainers henceforth.

Rashtra Kavach: Om tries to shoot high but is misdirected and a tiring watch. What makes the whole experience worse is that the audience is made to feel stupid to have been watching such a strangely put movie. The two hour long movie could have done better in a lot of aspects, especially the storyline.


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