Just when I was hunting for my next watch I bumped into Nappily Ever After on Netflix. The title seemed interesting and so did the brief. Without giving it a second thought, I started watching it.

Movie had the knack of not jumping right away into the plot but to gradually pass this soft and a subtle message of how perfection can be overrated. Trying to be perfect all the time doesn’t let you live your life to the fullest and this movie covers that beautifully well.

It is a story takes us through the eyes of a successful young woman, who was from childhood taught that appearance is all that is important. Looking perfect is what gets you the right things. For her, being black, maintaining her hair was a second job.

She expects that she’d be proposed on her birthday by her two year boyfriend. She does everything to look perfect for the occasion. She was ready to pay any amount to mend her hair right to dress up perfect for her special day but in turn gets a dog as a gift.

To her surprise, her boyfriend wasn’t ready for the big step because he didn’t know her enough as she was “too perfect”. Turn of events, self-reflection and watching people around of how they don’t chase perfection get changes in her.

The whole of 99 minutes of the movie made me think along the lines of all those times when I tried to reach perfection or if I was good enough drained my energy more towards fine tuning it but not about truly enjoying the activity.

The character’s journey of self discovery was good to watch and induces a feeling passively that it isn’t all that important to always look perfect. Being yourself is more important than anything. To help her in this journey, she finds an aid in hair dresser’s daughter who is more like her or more of what she would want to be – carefree and living life without the rules of perfection.

I was delighted to know that this movie is based on the book by Trisha Thomas – Nappily Ever After. Overall, it is heartwarming movie, worth a watch!

Reviewed by Anusha S. More about Anusha at Undestined Pieces


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