So much has been written, said and done about the movie that anything anyone writes after this point is merely sticking to a side of the two extremes. The ones who love it, the ones who hate it. So much so, that even my boyfriend and me are on the two different sides of the ruler.

If I may request, while you are reading the following, could you keep aside everything that has been ever said about it and be indifferent?

Firstly, Padmaavat is a MOVIE. A movie is supposed to offer — entertainment, experience, good performances, direction, impact on the audience.

Lets check, does it have:

  • Entertainment? Yes, more than one expects.
  • Experience? No one can deny this, it is a piece of art, every minute on screen is an experience in itself.
  • Performances? Not just good, they are beyond great! Ranveer, Deepika, Shahid. If you can point out even one scene where any of them could have been better than that what they are.
  • Direction? Its SLB, that’s enough said.
  • Impact? Look at how much everyone is talking about it.

If you have a different answer to any of the above, go ahead. But dissing a movie because it is not historically accurate, glorifies ‘jauhar’ or demeans a particular emperor are not reasons good enough.

For one, the movie never said it is accurate, it always said it is ‘inspired’. It mentioned everywhere it does not glorify ‘jauhar’ and for Khilji, he is the evil character in a movie — does not have anything to do with his caste.

Well, that’s it. Now you can either go back to hating it or loving it. It is forever going to be a great great movie, a great result of all the hard work done by each person associated with it. Cheers to all 🙂

Oh, I almost forgot, I am in love, in love with Ranveer. It’s nothing new to say but this post would just be incomplete without mentioning him.


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  1. I have not seen the movie but what u said above has made be inquisitive & curios. Yes the movie is much talked about & political controversy around it which has given it much attention, also would like to mention the media in this context. (All kinds)
    Thank you for your opinion, would like to more about the movie background. Like making, on set stories & directors take .. stuff like that…
    last but not the least, in love with the character showcased through Deepika. In love love love with strong, independent, beautiful Marwari girl like Deepika.

    Love n light,

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