When the art of poetry collides with the art of films, it creates a sparkle so bright that it gets etched into the minds of those that want to hold on to moments. This particular short film is a cinematic rendition of a wonderful poetry written by Yahya Bootwala. Starring himself and Jindya Sujata as the couple in the film, it is directed by Karan Asnani and produced by Myoho Films.

This 6 minute film begins with a very short yet crisp introduction with a boy who has just shifted to Mumbai to achieve his dreams. These haven’t yet been fulfilled but amongst the hustle he lives, he finds this beautiful girl beyond his dreams and falls in love. He talks about how wonderful their relationship is, even more perfect than perfect itself. But there’s a catch. The girl is from Mumbai and she wishes to leave it soon but she can’t afford to leave him, so she turns to him and asks him a simple question, he has to choose between Sheher ya Tum? (The city or the girl?)

The poetry is an ode to the love of his life where he talks about the good days and the bad days, the arguments and the makeups after an ugly fight, the things they do and the moments he’s captured alongside her in the busy city of Mumbai. It’s a perfect relationship and he could not lose her, but he would not want to give up on the beloved city. His ode ends with the answer she’s asked him, he says when he looks at her he finds his home but the city is the one that gave him that home.

It’s a beautifully shot film that connects perfectly to each word he rhymes out for her. The shots switch between what he envisions the relationship like in his words to him actually presenting the poetry in front of a crowd which is a lovely transition as the intensity stays with you, you feel the speaker and you’re a part of the relationship as well. Kudos to the cinematographer for the picture perfect shot of a perfect relationship amongst the couple and alongwith the city as well.

This one is a mellow yet hopeful watch for anyone out there whos looking for a short piece of life film, I personally enjoyed it immensely and it lifted my hopes up for believing in love.I would rate this 4.5 chirps and would rewatch it anytime I can! Kudos to Yahya Bootwala and his beauty of penning down words that one can only intangibly feel.

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