The Big Bull directed by Kookie Gulati starts with a boom but eventually goes down. Unlike the very similar OTT series, this two and-a-half-hour movie shows the glamorous screenplay of the same character with a different name. So, ACC becomes NCC and Harshad Mehta is now Hemant Shah.

Abhishek Bachan as Hemant Shah, the literal Big shot of the story holds the whole movie on his shoulders and with what beauty! Other actors like Ileana D’Cruz, Nikita Dutta, Sohum Shah, Ram Kapoor all of them add to the screenplay as one single unit but don’t uplift it to the required standpoint. It is safe to say that the actors work best towards the storytelling and its end product but it still makes little to no addition to the movie as a wholesome experience.

The story is based on Harshad Mehta Scam. The writer has twisted the real life story to make it bigger than life and changed the names of the real players of the scam and its parts. The whole paradigm is set on the same facts and fortune. A lower middle-class man’s high jump to success via stock broking, his shortfalls and his hunger for success in India.

Abhishek Bachan’s role in the movie brought back memories from his extraordinary role in Guru. The screenplay is set in the 90s and early 2000s but the videography does not match the era. The design production is incorrect and lacks realism but moreover, the cinematography worsens the visual affair. The movie rolls faster than necessary and holds no real ground when it comes to display of emotions. The movie lacks reliability because of its swollen existence. The sets looked exactly like the sets. The background score is made up of Yalgaar, a rap by Ajay Nagar, a Youtuber under the title Carry Minati.

There is one song in the whole movie and that too a forceful romantic song. Irrespective of the unnecessary additions in the two and a half hours. It is a daunting show put up by the Director, Kookie with high confidence and prestige. Sadly, he has overdone it. Watching Abhishek Bachchan again on the OTT screen, was a delight nonetheless. His profound presence and talented acting brings the best of the storyline. Other than his acting, there is little to enjoy in the movie.

There is one scene which perfectly captures the essence of why this movie was important. Hemant’s wife tells him that there are very few people who do what they promise in this world, and he is one of them. That is the beauty of it all. Despite its trailing overdoing, forceful disasters and unnecessary swiftness, The Big Bull is a casual watch. It makes good entertainment for those who like stories of real people but nothing more than a one-time watch.

The Big Bull is streaming on Hotsar!


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