Alt Balaji’s The Great Indian Dysfunctional Family is a great piece from the start itself. The typical elements in a soap for Indian households is restricted as needed for the story, that’s well and justified.

The show starts with the friction in the family and how the bond between each member is somehow strained. The first episode: Meet the Ranauts described mildly on each character who’s going to play a part.

Moving on to the second episode there’s a twist that hard to digest. The elder brother, a disciplinarian and the younger brother who returns home after eight long years for no known or shown reason trying to gel up. Younger brother’s wife’s a little jovial making the best of the time she gets with her new family. The mother of the house, she’s bold and modern, on the contrary of how you’d expect an old lady of two grown up men to be.

Elder brother’s daughter turns out be a lesbian who struggles her way and finally is able to accept how she is and faces the world boldly. Elder brother has another kid, the younger one, he can’t speak and the family converses with him only in sign language.

All the tiny details somehow adds to the other unattended mysteries. Younger brother’s wife is a little too curious on how/s and what/s of the family. Meanwhile, she receives taunts from brother-in-law about how she influenced his brother to quit Army and run a dhaba instead.

The following episodes have sudden and expected turn of events. Suspicion resulting to a different reality than that of what was anticipated.

If you like Indian Soaps for their drama, suspense and creativity in bringing unexpectedness, then this series is for you. If not, consider this as an another story that’s worth a watch.


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