The magical week of Christmas is here! This festive season, no matter where we go, we see that sparkle of joy in people’s eyes. We all know that it has white snow and a red-suited Santa, but the festival is also about valuing family time. So what can be better than a good old holiday classic like Home Alone (1990) to have a nostalgic and fun time with our loved ones this holiday! Agreed to by our readers.

Directed by Chris Columbus, the movie starts with the McCallister family being frantically busy with preparations to spend Christmas in Paris. Kevin McCallister, the youngest in the family, is derided all the time by his siblings. Annoyed with all this, he wishes that he would never see any of them again. The next morning, in a rush to be at the airport, the family forgets about Kevin. He is unknowingly left alone at home to fend for himself.

At first, he is thrilled with his newly established freedom. (Who isn’t?) He eats junk food, goes shopping, orders his favourite pizza and has the time of his life, all until.. he begins to miss his family. Only now, to add on to this, he has to deal with a pair of burglars who have been robbing his neighbourhood.

The movie has Kevin setting booby traps for the unwelcomed robbers, overcoming his fear of talking to his neighbour who is rumoured to be a serial killer and even helping him reunite with his son. All this, before his family returns home for him.
Home Alone is all about the Christmas Spirit! To be joyful, charitable, generous, kind, and forgiving during this wonderful time of the year.

Home Alone (1990) was the first of its kind and was a huge commercial success. Not to mention, the largest contributor to this success was the ‘cute- factor’ of Macaulay Culkin starring as Kevin McCallister, the protagonist in the movie. The movie has an excellent supporting cast that carry out the very essence of the movie with their performances.

From direction to casting, from detesting to loving and from laughter to tears this movie can be described as a ‘Well Plated Holiday Dish’.

With the Christmas trees and decorations, joysticks, gifts, socks and lights that warm up our hearts, ‘Home Alone’ is about realising how precious the little moments of togetherness with our families are.

We from TRS wish you a Very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2019 filled with happiness and joy 🙂


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