Sisters fight as if it is their birthright. I haven’t met a single pair of sisters, no matter what the age difference, who have not fought over something as trivial as mustard.
Let’s just face it, sisters have THE-most-complicated relationship in the world. Because the only thing worse than living with your mom, who keeps telling you what to do with your life, is living with an exact replica of her telling you the same.

The writer-director of this movie, Vishal Bharadwaj and Charan Singh Pathik, (writer of the short story, Do Behnein, that the film is based upon) have done a great job in designing the screenplay narrating a precisely sequenced story. The film actually deals with a serious plot but the manner in which the screenplay is structured makes it unbearably funny!

The film has Champa Kumari (Radhika Madan) and Genda Kumari (Sanya Malhotra) are two school going sisters who live in a small village with their father (Vijay Raaz).Their father loves them dearly but his only problem is, his daughters squabble, everyday, every minute, on anything and everything! Dipper Naradmuni (Sunil Grover) is their nebby neighbour and the fuel to the girl’s feuds. He is the matchstick to their Pataakha and uses their fights as a source of entertainment. Their father, fearing their feuds, stops them from going to school and the girls are stuck with each other at home. While Champa dreams of opening her own dairy farm, Genda aspires to study and become a teacher. Tired of each other and seeing their lives as a dead end to fulfilling their dreams, they wish to get married as it is the only way they both can get away from each other. Champa falls in love with an engineer and Genda is mesmerized by an army man. *Plot twist* their father brings a third man in the picture for the girls! Only to find out *plot twist* they run away and get married to their lovers, who are *plot twist* brothers (Don’t cry, this is all in the trailer)! And now they all have to live in the same house together. They promise their father that they will never fight again. But doesn’t that seem impossible, considering their history?

There are more twists and turns than you can ever imagine in this storyline! Can these ever-brawling girls not fight? If they do, wouldn’t their husbands get into another fight? Would you believe me if I said one of them goes blind? And.

Well, you have to watch this remarkable creation to know more because Pataakha was reportedly voted as one of the most underrated movies in 2018.
Truth be told, it undoubtedly is!

In my opinion, the attention that this movie deserves is no less than what a movie like Andhadhun had claimed. But it got nowhere near that. It only managed to collect mere 30 crores at the box office.

The dialogues in this movie may seem to be smitty at first but they perfectly bring about the hatred between the sisters. The performances and dialogue delivery by the actors, be it supporting actors or the leads, is very authentic. This movie is any budding director’s dream come true.

It has done nothing but buried it’s side-splitting characters into the audience’s hearts. One could burst out laughing at any time of the day thinking about how these characters have behaved in the movie and all the credits go to their excellent acting skills.

Pataakha may not be the story that every pair of sisters can relate to but it is an extravagant account of two sisters who awfully and wholeheartedly hate each other! But it is also a pandemonium filled with some peculiar love. From insanely indecorous and crude profanities to hitting each other, these two sisters who live in Rajasthan may just teach you: ‘how-not-to-be-with-your-sister’ in the most hilarious way possible.


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