‘You’ season 2 ended with Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) trapped in the soulless suburb’ where he is living with a pregnant Love (Victoria Pedretti). The Quinn family is a wealthy one with lots of connections with police and other officials because of which all charges against Joe were cleared and he was able to enter his new life with Love with a clean slate.  

Season 3 begins with the internal dialogues of Joe accepting that he is going to be a father of a baby girl soon. Turns out, he has a baby boy which only terrorizes him more. With a girl, his only duty was to protect her against the negatives of the world. With a boy, he has to protect him from being like his father. The married Quinn-Goldberg couple start their new lives at ‘Madre Linda’ which is a community with extra-intrusive neighbours and a picket fence that is a symbol of the unusual lives of its residents. 

Joe Goldberg of Season 3 is trying his level best to be a man that his new and budding family can trust. He is taking measures to stop his obsessive stalking tendencies by consciously stopping himself from falling into those habits. Throughout the season, the connections between his childhood and how it has impacted his current life is shown. The audiences can see a prominent link between the treatment he had got by the bullies of his childhood and his current coping mechanisms. There is a strong pattern he follows in the choice of women he makes his “You” which is associated with his mother.

Love Quinn is a new mother and is shown very tired in the beginning of season 3. She is so engrossed in taking care of Henry that she does not have time to go back to her past patterns of self-sabotaging. In an attempt to fit into the socialite group of Madre Linda with the new mothers and one famous twin blogger mom, Sherry Conrad (Shalita Grant), Love tries to change herself as a person. She thinks it is good to fit in and feel accepted. There is a question in both Love and Joe’s mind about soulmates and even after having each other, they are in search of something this season.

Dottie (Saffron Burrows), Love’s social media obsessed mother, sees her deceased son Forty in the newborn Henry. She has not processed the grief of her son and it is visible in her interactions with Henry. Her habit of labeling Love’s every single behaviour as some sort of psychological problem actually puts Love in a cycle of self-blame and trouble. This season, Dottie is seen setting up a new venture for herself in a vineyard that will promote holistic wellness for new mothers. 

Theo Engler (Dylan Arnold), a 19 year old boy & Quinn’s new neighbour, is a new character in season 3. He is bubbly and friendly and has a past similar to that of Love. As a result of this common past, Love feels the need to help him out when in need and more. 

‘You’ season 3 is a mix of love, passion, efforts, the comfort of old patterns, lust, mistrust, and more. It shows how one has to fully understand oneself before looking for their soulmates because even after having one, they might feel incomplete. This show continues to be a psycho-thriller drama with suspense in each episode. One has to hold on to the edge of their seat throughout the season for a lack of trust does not lead to a happy and healthy family. 

If the underlying context is understood, Joe truly wants to be a good dad for his son Henry and he is making efforts and the desperation can be seen in his eyes. In tapping his inner man, he gets a validation to be himself which leads him to accept his stalking tendencies which he resumes in moderation. The end of the third season is filled with emotions, the infamous glass-cage, dead bodies and Joe’s talent of fixing them up as usual! Season 4 is going to be an exhilarating experience as Joe is on his quest to find his mon amor “you” in Paris.

‘You’ season 3 is now streaming on Netflix. 


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