The trailer for Behzad Khambata’s upcoming film, ‘A Thursday’ is captivating and has its roots in the crime-thriller genre. With Yami Gautam, Dimple Kapadia, Neha Dhupia and Atul Kulkarni in leading roles, the film will be released on Disney+ Hotstar on 17th February. The story revolves around a hostage situation with children involved. It is a game of life and death between the police along with government officials and Naina Jaiswal (Yami Gautam), the kidnapper.

The trailer begins with a telephone ringing in the background, where Naina is trying to reach the Colaba, Mumbai police station. She is calling from Little Dots playschool, Colaba, where she is a teacher and currently has 16 children as her hostages. Yami’s first look in the movie looks terrorizing with a sense of something dark, amidst the setting of a playschool. She is also seen adjusting a gun at the back of her jeans with a deadly stare as she talks to the police about her demands.

In the next few seconds of the trailer, we witness another strong personality in the film, ACP Catherine Alvarez (Neha Dhupia) taking charge of the situation on a rainy day. She begins her interrogation with Naina’s house and the people in it who have apparently been tied and taped down. Alvarez tries to be patient with Naina but that seems to be ineffective as Naina wants to talk to Javed Khan (Atul Kulkarni) within the next one hour. Javed Khan enters the crime scene with a lit cigarette in his hand and talks to Naina. Her demand is 5 crore rupees in an hour at the cost of relieving one kid. The police force is seen sealing the area with road blocks while the situation everywhere is extremely tense.

Media enters, as well as the panicky parents, and it is a chaos out there amidst the pouring rain. There are new faces introduced who do not know what Naina is doing and why. The police officials are not thinking unanimously as while Catherine orders her men to enter the building, Javed is against it. He fears the probability of children being killed by Naina if they go against her. With the news channel on in the kindergarten, Naina hears some reporter call her insane and she vows to show them how insane she can get. She counter-attacks the police officers trying to enter the premises in rage and the gunshot scares everyone around including the children, police, parents and media.

“Aur agar police ne meri demand nahi maani, har ek ghante, ek bachcha marega, in an alphabetical order”, threatens Naina. People outside the barricades are out of order and they are slamming it to get closer to the school. While the media is present to give timely updates about the war between the police and Naina, Javed wants to know who told the media about the ongoing situation. Naina presents her second demand to have a word with the Prime Minister of India (Dimple Kapadia) and the suspenseful music is only adding to the suspense of the trailer.

The Prime Minister is bombarded with questions and camera flashes from the media. She has ordered the commandos to be kept on standby. Many things are happening all at once and the audiences can only see Naina get angrier with the commandos entering the premises. More gunshots and confrontations are in action as Naina plays pretend firing with the hostage children with a smile on her face. The trailer ends with Naina being true to her words, “A for Aakash” as she fires her gun aiming at someone.

Yami Gautam in the role of Naina has maintained a terror and a scare throughout, even with a calm voice. The police force, including Dhupia and Kulkarni among others give an equal weightage in performance to Naina. ‘A Thursday’ has created an environment of suspense and thrill, with a crazy Naina in control of 16 children. The cinematography of the film looks brilliant as it adds on to the inquisitiveness of this suspense. Being a spiritual sequel of ‘A Wednesday’, ‘A Thursday’ looks like a great watch with the trailer itself.

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