After the mind-riveting first season, Apharan is back with its second season. It has been one of the thrillers that has grown on its audience. Directed by Santosh Singh, and written by Sidharth Sengupta, Umesh Padalkar, Anahata Menon and Varun Badola, Apahran is a crime thriller based on the life of a senior inspector Rudra Srivastava, played by Arunoday Singh. In this season, Rudra goes to Thailand to fight crime while his wife battles with drug addiction back at home. The season begins with Ranjana, Rudra’s wife, quite high on drugs, swaying with her hippy friends and a frustrated Rudra who is caught between his job and his wife. Apharan 2 is actively attacking from the very first moment with its comical but frustrating dialogues. The show is eleven episodes but does not flatten much on the interesting curve. As a sequel of a good first season, it had a lot to fall short of but maintains the goodness of storyline and performances both.

Apharan season 2 like the previous one has a lot of ongoing monologue by Rudra that keeps us entertained throughout the story. There is an ironic poetry that this cult fiction dawns upon us. The series has no newness in the aspect of what the show is about to offer in relation to the first season but it is in the humor that it provides entertainment and fun. This time Rudra in his full angry young man mode and giant body is about to kidnap the villain himself, BBS (Bikram Bahadur Shah), and bring him back to India. There is an involvement of the secret agency, Raw as well. Arunoday is a talented actor with a grounded presence in the show. The way he abuses throughout the time he talks is extraordinarily hilarious. His outgoing personality and unsettling dynamic with his pretend wife and partner in job is excellently executed. The fragment of Apharan Season 2 that keeps us at the edge of our seats is Rudra’s unsettling situations that worsen with each proceeding episode. The acting is interesting. Infact, Arunoday is heavily underrated and needs to get better and bigger projects for sure.

Produced by the famous Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor and Jyoti Sagar, the story of Apharan has its own drawbacks that make unrealistic twists in the story and conveniently helps the hero but it definitely grows on you. The storyline gets so frustrating at times but the beauty is that it is so well executed that as an audience, we feel the frustration as well. There is too much noise throughout the show in terms of flashy music, vintage songs and screaming. The show even pays homage to old songs and bollywood, sometimes even unnecessarily. Screenplay is fun but the first season’s rawness and Indian frames were a tad bit better than this one. Cinematography doesn’t add much weight to the show either. The villains aren’t as scary as they should be. In short, the whole 11-part show that continuously screams at you through the screen is held over the ocean only by the likes of Arunoday, Saanand Verma and Nidhi. My favorite part of the series is the performance by Snehil Mehra. The way she speaks in interestingly funny English in the most desi accent and tells people that it is her first language is unmatchable.

The show has a few initial problems, but picks pace soon enough. Apharan Season 2 is a good watch, a very different one from the usual Indian Cinema that we are accustomed to but a good one regardless. With a bigger production unit, and better creators, it could be better as well. Nonetheless, a one time watch just for the outstanding actors, Apharan Season 2 is finally here to enthrall us.

You can stream Apharan Season 2 exclusively on Voot.


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