A Sajid Nadiadwala film, Bachchhan Paandey is everything we have heard about; Akshay Kumar as the infamous killer Bachchhan Paandey himself, murders, crime, a short love story and the goons behind the criminal himself. Kriti Sanon and Arshad Warsi are two filmmakers who want to make a film on the life of Bachchhan Paandey and are thus in his vicinity to record and understand him and his life wholesomely. The trailer also shows us an ensemble of other actors like Jacqueline Fernandez, Pankaj Tripathi, Prateik Babbar, Abhimanyu Singh and a few more.

It is a typical crime-drama, masala movie of Bollywood. The almost four-minute trailer gives out too much with its over-explanatory introductions of the characters and glimpses of songs and fight sequences. The trailer could have been shorter and could have included a lot less than it does. As an audience, we only need so much to make up our minds whether we want to watch a film or not. When it comes to trailers, always less is more.

The story however has a little of everything. By the looks of it, we see a big effort on comedy, a significant love angle (gone wrong perhaps) and even thrill and fear. The background score is like every other Sajid Nadiadwala film – high on adrenaline and loud in noise. There is a lot of masculinity in the trailer both literally and otherwise. Only two female appearances as opposed to about over ten male actors and supporting cast. The story too is largely around the idea of the male criminal who might just have a heroic angle to him but that’s only anticipation.

There possibly is no depth to the character arc of the criminal, Bachchhan Paandey as he is seen in the trailer explaining how he killed and liked it and so he killed more. Kriti Sanon is seen in the same light of characters she has already played in the past. The funny scenes are of the very effortlessly talented Pankaj Tripathi and we are all for it! The songs of the film are only declared and not released officially but they do seem promising as a part of a big masala entertainment.

Big on the production sets, Bachchhan Paandey is more masala than drama and that is okay. What we look forward to is being entertained, enjoying our experience when it comes to movies like this and watching the big star cast do its magic. Hopefully, too many cooks do not spoil this broth. The film releases in theatres on 18th March, 2022.

You can catch the trailer here –


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