Starring Vihaan Samat as the lead of the multi-part series, Eternally Confused and Eager for Love is a show based on his character, Ray, who is an awkward young adult looking for love in the big bad social world. Although, the trailer tells us a little more than just that. We see Ray talking to and taking advice from an imaginary friend – a wizard, perhaps a personification of Ray’s inner voice.

The drama is quirky and fun-looking. A collaborated outcome of Excel Entertainment and Tiger Baby Production, Eternally Confused and Eager for Love seems to be a very promising series for the Indian millennials. Ray is a loner with such a lack of friends that he is seen talking about his love life with his parents. Featuring the talented Rahul Bose and the gorgeous Suchitra Pillai as Ray’s parents, the series takes a comedic turn. It is hilarious to watch the parents meddle in the desperate and almost friendless Ray. In fact, my favourite part of the trailer is where his parents are trying to figure out Ray, his friends, and his failing love life.

It is ridiculously hilarious to watch a whole sequence wherein Ray is trying out new ways to talk to girls, ask them out and whatnot. At one point we also see him give up on the advice of his imaginary wizard and just say ‘Hi’ instead of something intellectually worthy and the Wiz taunts him by asking if it is the zenith of his vocabulary. This quirky take on loners, awkward and social people trying to find and understand love is what we need right now.

The trailer itself shows brilliant comic-timing of Rahul Bose, the quirkiness of a proper rom-com and the exclusively entertaining and perfect narration by the Wiz. Vihaan Samat is a joy to watch and his previous works in Mismatched and Bombay Begums can vouch for it. Created and directed by Rahul Nair, the show also stars Jim Sarbh, Ankur Rathee and Dalai in pivotal roles.

The background score is upbeat and catchy while the screenplay is rich and sassy. The show might not dive deep into the practicality and the reality aspect of the world but it might be a fun, relatable watch nonetheless. The show is supposed to be a ‘fresh’ take on Ray’s daily struggle and his quest for love and relationships. We don’t believe in that statement as much as we believe in the cast and the creator of the show. The trailer is well made, not letting loose too much while letting its audience know what to expect. Eternally Confused And Eager For Love starts streaming on Netflix from 18th March.

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