The notion is that the essence of universities in North India lies in political dramas and love stories behind them. 

Hurdang is one such romantic drama that bases its storyline around the issue of reservation and its political scenario back in the 1990s. The film features Sunny Kaushal, Nushrratt Bharuccha and Vijay Varma in the lead roles. The story is set around the two main characters Vikram Thakur (Sunny Kaushal) also known as Daddu and Jhulan (Nushrratt Bharuccha) who are lovers from childhood. Their chemistry lights up the story in bits and parts. That is also because, Hurdang was first introduced to us with the romantic remake of Kya Yehi Pyaar Hai to set the film around their love story.

The trailer of the film however, is more about the political angle that supports the character of Daddu. He is a character designed to be a leader of a student union or a protest party. By the looks, the act and the body language, Daddu is a born rebellion. “Daddu babu ko khaali university mein hurdang machaana hai.” Even when it comes to him claiming that he will become an IAS, the scene is more about his spirit and demeanour. The beginning of the storyline seems to set the pace of everything that starts the protest against reservation. Daddu’s personality, his love story that leads him to aspire to be an IAS and Allahabad University form the backdrop. 

The political angle of the film is intense. There are clashes with the police, water canons and lathi charges. Although much is not shown of Vijay Varma’s character, both him and Daddu are greeted by a huge mass of students and it hints at a union of two politically inclined men. By the looks of it, man prioritises political ambition over age-old love and that might be the undoing of our characters. Only the film shall tell us more.

Since the film is set around the reservation bill passed during the 1990s and the political upheaval that it brought, there is not much speculation to be done on that part. But the fight against reservation adds to the major elements of the story. What the trailer makes us look forward to is the twist and turn that it gives to the love story of the protagonists. Not to forget the amount of attention it brings to the character development of Vikram Thakur as he shifts from a lover to a political rebellion. 

The T-Series production is helmed and written by Nikhil Nagesh Bhat. For more clarity on where the Hurdang leads Daddu, let’s wait for the film to hit the theatres on 8th April.

You can watch the trailer here –


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