Most of India is rural. And that rural India is the real picture of our country. Perhaps, that was the reason most people connected with the first installment of the series “Panchayat” that was released amidst the pandemic in the year 2020. Panchayat set in Phulera, Uttar Pradesh defines the culture and the way of life in North India. Written by Chandan Kumar and directed by Deepak Kumar Mishra, Panchayat 2 is a TVF web series. It stands out for its raw depiction of a village’s background and the ordinary dialogue between people. It connects to its audience in an effortless manner. Nowhere in its script does it feel that it has been overdone.

Panchayat 2 was much awaited. As soon as we had watched the first season, the talks were all about the season 2. We wanted more of Sachiv ji (Jitendra Kumar), Pradhan ji (Raghubir Yadav), Madam aka Neena Gupta, Vikas (Chandan Roy) and everything about the village and the villagers themselves.

Season 2 does bring with it a lot of excitement. Jitendra Kumar in his character touches our heart in all ways possible by just being himself. It is the most relatable yet amusing to see the character of a North-Indian guy struggling to clear his CAT exams and take over his life by landing on a good enough job in an urban setting; when the reality says something else. He pushes it away but somehow manages to build a bond with all the people in the village. In all, our Sachiv ji is a caring person and a representative of urban India in Phulera. And we like him.

This series is more about character play than anything else. It takes over mostly on the note of incredible characterisation of each individual. It is out of the ordinary in a web series of such genre. The chemistry between all the characters is very engaging. Be it, the Pradhan and his wife, Sahayak aka Vikas and Prahlad Pandey, the Pradhan and Sachiv or Sachiv and Rinki. Even a simple exchange of words is entertaining between these people.

The background setting and the village set-up is another aspect you should look forward to. The problems that the makers have shown and covered in the show are real and of significance. We cannot overlook them. Right from, Panchayat rivalry to building of roads and toilets and marriage in a patriarchal society to representation of women in rural politics. They all add value to the show.

What might not work for us in the second installment of the show is the slow paced script. The angle between Rinky and Sachiv ji is realistic but it may be a disappointment for most of us. The character of Jitendra Kumar is quite settled in the village life and we miss his minor frustrations. Panchayat 2 seems to be more about the village and its issues and the political conflicts. It might have missed out on microscopic development of the story-line which would have been interesting for the audience. The makers also try to bring an element of patriotism that makes the show end on an emotional note out of nowhere and we do not know what to expect ahead of it.

Panchayat 2 is an amusing watch in bits and pieces. It is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.


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