Board Of Advisors

Ishika Mohan Motwane

From Devdas to Sacred Games. The images stand for the story, the mood, the moment, the cast and is hopefully able to convey what the film stands for, one hopes those images have a shelf life that carries the film beyond its release.


The Team

Founder - TRS

Shikha Jain
Shikha is the Founder and Curator at The Red Sparrow. Like any other 20-something, she is fascinated by the world of cinema and wants to make some movies of her own. Rather than merely day-dreaming about the time when she’d make her movie, she started The Red Sparrow to learn the art and the science and the craft of film-making.

Abhinav Rege - Digital Marketing Consultant

Abhinav Rege
He’s our tech head and marketing consultant, who helps us chart out our marketing strategies and manage the same.

Aayushi Parekh
A 20-year old humanist who believes in the purest forms of art. At The Red Sparrow, Aayushi works as part of the content team and ensures that there’s enough fodder for you to feed on!

Jayna Gusani
Jayna is part of the content team at The Red Sparrow. When she is not watching movies and talking about the same, she spreads a tad more sunshine in the world with her contagious laugh! Oh, and she aspires to put out more creativity/ artistry into the world.

Saurabh Jain
Saurabh is the person who makes all of us look as pretty as we do! Meet The Sparrow’s photographer. A 20-year old, introvert and quiet, but you can always count on him to get the right shot at the right time!




Social Donut
A team of super-geeky, super-brainy and super-fun people to hang out with. All things tech on The Red Sparrow come from the Donut factory.

The Red Sparrow Logo and other design elements happened when Team BDBP was challenged to create something iconic and memorable. Don’t you love the logo? We do!

The Red Sparrow is a C4E initiative.



Our Alumni

Sanchi Kalani
A 20-year old, passionate about cinema, music, art and design. While she is on a mission to make the world a better place for animals and has solemnly sworn to do everything she can to clean up the ocean; at The Red Sparrow, she was a part of the Social Media team and helped us initiate the online marketing piece.