The very vaguely titled, second installment of Robot (2010), 2.0 has set it’s foot on every video streaming device with it’s trailer. Ironic, if you’ve watched the trailer.

It begins with the showcase of technology taking over our lives, or more so, smartphones. Every average Indian owns one and every other person is lost in one at any given point of time. The “fifth force” as the trailer suggests, is here and evolved. It’s taken away every phone and has used it to create its own wings. As Akshay Kumar, the said fifth force, explains, every human being to get in the sights of his monster will run for their lives.
Along with the establishment of the plot, we see the comeback of the mass favourite, Rajinikanth as a rebooted Chitti.
It is a showdown between the two technological superpowers and the citizens of the nation as the victims. With the extensive use of VFX and animation, it’s going to be an epic showdown, probably exaggerated than the first installment itself.

The film filled with superstars might make it or break it in the theatres, only time can tell which. The work and efforts put behind it are extremely evident and the fact that Bollywood is progressing with it’s VFX feature, as seen with Baahubali and Thugs of Hindostan, this might just be the alma mater for 2018. With everything amazing plus music by A.R. Rahman, directed by S. Shankar, 2.0 is set to hit the theatres on 29th of November.

Watch the trailer here –


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