The trailer of Zee 5’s new upcoming film ’36 Farmhouse’ starring Barkha Singh, Amol Parashar, Sanjay Mishra and Vijay Raaz in the lead roles is out. Quite obvious from the name, the central plot of the film is around a bungalow located at 36 Farmhouse.

The trailer opens with a lawyer telling Vijay Raaz’s character who is the eldest son of Lady Padmini Raj Singh that he can’t take away her mother’s farmhouse and three hundred acre land all alone. The property has to be divided equally between him and his two younger brothers Gajendra and Virendra.

In the next frame we see Sanjay Mishra’s character’s entry as a cook in the farmhouse. Amol Parashar who is in his son’s character here is seen talking on phone with his sister who’s worried about her father’s whereabouts.

Barkha Singh plays granddaughter to Padmani Raj Singh who returned back to the farmhouse shutting down her fashion boutique. She introduces Amol Parashar as her ‘master ji’ and the two seem to be a couple in love.

Meanwhile, some crime is committed and a police raid happens at the farmhouse. We get to know that the lawyer, Pratik Kakkar has been missing for the last twenty one days. Though his brother Prahlad Kakkar claims that he’s not missing, he has been murdered which brings everyone at the farmhouse under the radar of suspicion and from here the film looks like to be a murder mystery.

“Do time aadmi chori karta hai, ek toh zaroorat padne pe aur ek laalach padne pe” a dialogue delivered by Sanjay Mishra which was an attempt to highlight the economic inequalities of our society. The trailer ends with a lady’s entry who happens to be Sanjay Mishra’s character’s wife. Leaving us all curious what twist her character brings in the farmhouse.

With this film, the veteran Indian filmmaker Shubhash Ghai who has spent more than four decades in Hindi Cinema directing superhit films like Ram Lakhan, Pardes, Khalnayak and Kalicharan among others, marked his debut in the OTT realm. Along with being the producer and storywriter of the film, he has also put his foot forward in the world of music as he turned into music director with ’36 Farmhouse’. It has two tracks – the first song Mohabbat is a romantic melody in the mesmerizing voice of Sonu Nigam and the next one is a peppy number Mind Your Business sung by Hariharan.

The trailer’s official synopsis says, “A father and a son duo enter the farmhouse with ulterior motives. However, they soon learn of a bigger plot brewing within the farmhouse orchestrated by the rich masters.”

Backed with actors like Sanjay Mishra and Vijay Raaz, ’36 Farmhouse’ seems to have an interesting storyline with equal dose of comedy and romance. This mystery thriller also stars Flora Saini, Madhuri Bhatia, Ashwini Kaleskar in important roles

Directed by Ram Ramesh Sharma and produced by Zee studios and Mukta Searchlight Films, ’36 Farmhouse’ is all set to stream on Zee 5 from January 21 onwards.

You can catch the trailer here-



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