‘83’ is an upcoming Bollywood movie directed by Kabir Khan, starring Ranveer Singh as Captain Kapil Dev, saving the match and how! The trailer has been released today and the hype is going strong. Having been thumped by the West Indies and Australia, India’s last chance to redeem themselves is on 18th June, 1983, against Zimbabwe if they want to advance to the next match against the West Indies. While ‘Caps'(Ranveer Singh as Kapil Dev) is taking a bath, a team member interrupts him to inform him of the current score, i.e. 9 runs and 4 wickets down. 

At the airport, while the paparazzi is taking snaps of the West Indies team, the Indian team goes unrecognised and unacknowledged. A glance into the net-practice sessions of the Indian team is shown along with the ingroup conversations about different ‘tuku-tuku’ shots and defenses. As the big match builds up, the Indian team indulges in a formal meet and greet with The Queen of the United Kingdom, a fellow player’s involuntary twitch(a wink) is the cause of all laughter.

Kapil Dev’s wife, Romi Bhatia (Deepika Padukone) is seen arriving at the airport, to see the big match which according to him is a “Do and die situation”. There is a different kind of joy and enthusiasm in the air, the night before the match, where players make fun of the confidence Captain Kapil has in winning the match. We also see the epic B/W picture of Kapil Dev and his team along with all the other teams. 

Upon being asked about the chances of his team in the match, Kapil Dev responds, “We here to win” to which the reporters appear stunned. As the match commences on 25th June, 1983, the Indian team players are left dazzled by the swinging ball, completely unable to make any decent cricketing shots but instead taking the ball to different parts of the body resulting in unprecedented injuries. All this is seen to cumulatively affect the credibility of the captain by the masses and media. “Match khatm, World cup khatm, Kaptaan khatm”. 

 “Ek to match jeet ke jao, ek”, says one person from the audience and the team then faces a lot of backlash and hatred from the public in the form of violence. “35 saal pehle hum azadi jeete, magar izzat jeetna abhi baaki hai Kaptaan”, says PR Man Singh (Pankaj Tripathi), which hits right into the heart of the audience and the trailer picks up momentum. One thing that this movie promises is a sneak peak into the lives of former cricketers as equal beings beyond their uniforms and that tends to be the core of the film.

“Jaan laga ke desh ke liye khelna”, says the captain to his players after which he hits a six, which shatters the windows of a building outside the stadium and lands in the Indian team’s room. And that seems to have raised immense motivation in the team as they go on to shatter glasses, car windshields to begin with. People are elated with the game with the flags displayed and processions in the name of the Indian team in every corner of the country irrespective of the demographics. 

Playing the roles of the cricketers whose names have been carved in the history of cricket, this cast is about to set a new record. My father has watched the trailer thrice and being from that era, he is proud to see the reel cast with the same energy which is amazing. Ranveer Singh seems to have embodied the role of Captain Kapil Dev with all his might and it’s visible in just the trailer. It is a pleasure to see the gorgeous Deepika Padukone don the character of Romi Bhatia as the better half of Kapil Dev. Produced by Deepika Padukone, Kabir Khan, Sajid Nadiadwala and Madhu Mantena Varma, with just the trailer, 83 has set off a wave of joy and anticipation, and the 24th December is not too far away!

You can catch the trailer here –


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