120 seconds of sheer brilliance. There is no better way to describe the trailer of the upcoming Netflix original film, AK vs AK

The trailer gives a glimpse into the strangely amusing world of Vikramaditya Motwane and Anurag Kashyap who have time and again proven to be a lethal duo. To top it all, the camera is rolling for ten hours straight with none other than the “Jhakaas” Anil Kapoor in the frame. There is not a single element that feels unoriginal at least as of yet. The concept seems quite intriguing because it can not really be defined. AK vs AK feels like one of the rare films to be released this year which have the potential to come out as refreshing. Whether Sonam Kapoor being kidnapped is reality or just another plot to further the cause of the film, it surely sounds thrilling to find out what Anil Kapoor does to get her back. The battle between Kashyap and Kapoor might make us jump out of our chairs and wits in an acceptably crazy way.

Another gripping aspect is what Motwane is going to bring to the table as a filmmaker this time. AK vs AK might just be another feather in his cap as one of the most diverse filmmakers of our nation. 

AK vs AK releases on 24th December on Netflix.

Watch the trailer here –


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