Following the ongoing trend of socio-political films, there is a new movie trailer which was released today and it looks like a piece. Anubhav Sinha directorial, ‘Anek’ has marked a strong entry with just its trailer. The film covers the injustice and violence in the north-eastern parts of India along with highlighting many microaggressions that people have been facing for years. The cast includes Ayushmann Khurrana in the main role as an undercover cop. 


The 3 minute trailer gives a good glimpse of how people have been giving North India a step-motherly treatment. While the movie begins with India as a whole, towards the end, it is shattered down into a thousand pieces to reflect how India feels. Khurrana is seen walking while introducing himself as a man who works for the Indian Security. The location of his job is North East India, “north-east matlab West Bengal ke purvi side wala India ”. Bloodshed and violence is a huge part of the trailer, which might rile up several emotions, all at once. This movie is based on the political conflicts of North East India. 


Khurrana goes with the mission of making peace between Tiger Sanga and the Indian government. Racism is exposed in the form of labeling people as Chinese merely because they are from the north-east. One part of the film in which Sanga says how his people are called “chinkis” felt humiliating to me. If one is faced with violence for no reason, it makes sense for them to retaliate using their own forces and that is what they did. One group called Johnson became hyperactive in causing a ruckus which is an important part of the film. 


Tragedy and helplessness of people is demonstrated through the frame of sports for the Indian team. The Indian government looks highly involved with the north-east, more like dominating and giving orders. Johnson group is an unknown identity which manages to unite the governments with a cause –  to destroy them. Halfway through the trailer, assault by the police and third degree torture with people trapper in cages is seen. Johnson is no longer a group, it is the people’s voice, says Khurrana. 


A variety of colors of the Indian government officials are uncovered and that just makes the audience question their judgment more and more. One very interesting part of the trailer is the analogy of the maps – how many people know the names of states on an empty map? The film seems to have some very impactful dialogues that hit right where needed. East, west, north and south of India and all its states is re-evaluated by Khurrana and with the angst in his voice and a sharp baritone, makes for a strong point. 


“Toh Hindi decide karti hai kon north se hai aur kon south se?”, is such a vital question posed by the film. And, if the response to this is no, then what is the definition of an Indian, without north, south, east and west? People are angry at the state of the country and ‘Anek’ resonates with this anger like a key to a lock. It’s not a matter of how one can attain peace. Rather it is about if one wants peace at all! 


Several films are based on socio-political agendas each year but to conceptualize about one area in such depth takes courage. Anubhav Sinha, the director of Thappad, Article 15 and Mulk is back with yet another hard-hitting film with a strong concept and a stronger Khurrana. There is a catchy phrase, in line to become the people’s voice, “Jeetega kaun? Hindustan” just like the josh tagline. 


Ayushmann Khurrana as the voice of the film makes for a good undercover cop and with just the trailer, he looks like a part of the film. With a new hairdo and look, this man is making blockbusters in whichever concept he enters. The name of the film “Anek” feels like it has a meaning hidden in the movie. We’ve been subtly letting out microaggressions against certain communities of people for ages, not realizing that they are one of us. India is in crisis with itself as there is a discrepancy between the ideal India and the real India. This war with itself can only be resolved with unity and empathy.  


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